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Diet Trends

Know Your Diet Trends

Nowadays, when planning the menu for a dinner party or a wedding reception, you should keep in mind a plethora of different dietary expectations that

Why Do We Crave Comfort Food?

Ever crave something salty after a stressful workday? Or eat chocolates after a serious break-up like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde? Comfort foods such as

The Rise of Non-Alcoholic Drinks Brands

Since the growing popularity of “Dry January” — when people are encouraged to abstain from drinking alcohol for a month — there’s been an influx

Patio Dinner Party Ideas

There’s something about dining outside that makes food taste better. Summer has a lot to offer — fresh air, warm breezes, and good times with

What is Keto diet?

What is the Keto Diet?

The keto diet is very heavy on fats and proteins, and it virtually eliminates carbs and sugar, which is similar to the Atkins and other

Juice Cleansing: Benefits and Risks

Fruits and vegetables are like nature’s magic pill — loaded with vast amounts of nutrients and a wonderful source of dietary fibres. No wonder it

Plant-Based Food Trends to Try

Whether you’ve noticed or not, plant-based food trends have been on the rise. Now Veganuary, a challenge that asks people to try being vegan each

Best Foods for Clear Skin

Don’t we all find it necessary to have clear and healthy skin? For sure, acne can be a huge pain, bringing on plenty of anxiety