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Watermelon Spritzer

As summer’s vibrant colours beckon, indulge in a watermelon spritzer’s juicy sweetness and sparkling delights. This mixture combines the freshness of ripe watermelon with a burst of lively bubbles. Whether lounging by the pool or hosting a party, this beverage will elevate your occasion. So enjoy your summer with our Watermelon Spritzer.



  1. 4 cups cubed seedless watermelon
  2. 1 lime, juiced
  3. 1 tablespoon honey (optional, adjust to taste)
  4. 1 cup sparkling water
  5. Ice cubes
  6. Fresh mint leaves for garnish


  1. Place the cubed watermelon in a blender and blend until smooth
  2. Strain the watermelon juice through a fine mesh sieve to remove any pulp or seeds
  3. In a pitcher, combine the watermelon juice, lime juice, and honey (if using). Stir well to combine
  4. Fill glasses with ice cubes
  5. Pour the watermelon mixture over the ice, filling each glass about 3/4 full
  6. Top off each glass with sparkling water
  7. Stir gently to mix the ingredients
  8. Garnish with fresh mint leaves

Serve the watermelon spritzer chilled, and enjoy!

Jennifer Williams | Editor-in-Chief

Summer 2024

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