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Dealing with Panic Attacks

You’re shopping for new clothes at the mall — a favourite pastime of yours. Upon entering the store, you feel something is wrong. There arises


For the past few decades, mindfulness has been a hot topic in the business world. With over 1,300 apps to choose from, the wellness market

Laughter is the Best…Therapy?

Back when school wasn’t taught online, taking a sick day meant staying home in your pajamas, curling up on the living room couch, and watching

7 Stress Management Strategies

Method #1: Identify the Stressor Sometimes, stress is just present. You feel stressed and anxious even though you can’t quite put your finger on it.

How to Relieve Stress

On your journey to creating success for yourself, you’re going to face the daily grind and pressures that come with any endeavour. Many people complain

The Pros and Cons of Online Therapy

Mental health has increasingly become recognized as being just as important as one’s physical health. Campaigns like Bell Let’s Talk and other initiatives aimed at eliminating the

How To Maintain Mental Fitness

Mental fitness refers to your state of well-being, level of cognitive functioning, and ability to cope with the psychological and emotional demands of everyday life.