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Spruce Up Your Windows with Bold-Coloured Blinds

The colours we choose for our homes are outward expressions of our inner voice. We want our living space to be beautiful, peaceful, and comfortable. Our homes and the colours in it speak volumes about us. Allow your interior space to speak for itself. It may have taken you months to pick out the right furniture for your home–perhaps even longer for the paint on the walls. All these décor decisions put a voice into your living space. What about the windows? What is the best window treatment if you want to make a bold statement? A bold statement can express passion, power, energy, or intensity. Picking out the perfect blinds for your windows can be a pleasurable decorating experience. So, where do you begin? Here are some suggestions on picking bold-colored blinds for your windows.

Picking the Right Style of Blinds for your Windows

One of the first decisions is picking out which style of blinds you want. This requires a working knowledge of your home’s space. Blinds come in a multitude of functions and style options. There are many choices: venetian blinds, roller blinds, or cellular blinds, to name a few. Picking the right blinds comes down to structure and functionality. For this, you will have to decide what the purpose of the window treatment will be. Do you want more privacy and light control? Try venetian blinds. Would you prefer blinds that are functional and versatile? Go with roller blinds. Perhaps you desire a complete black out to be free of cords–then choose cellular blinds. Style and function will come down to what best suits your lifestyle. Maybe you want to say something bold with your décor choice and get creative. Consider a few ways to get creative with your choice of blinds. 

Creativity with Bold-Colour Blinds

Bold colours say something and breathe life into a living space. Be creative and experimental with your living space. A bold colour is vivid, bright, and powerful because of its hue and saturation. Colours affect not only a room, but our moods too. If you want your blinds to emit a serene presence, pick warm colours. Warm colours are red, orange, or yellow. Red is a passionate colour–often associated with love and romance. Orange and yellow are upbeat colours that offer warmth and positivity. Purple is a bold colour that signifies elegance. Maybe you prefer blinds in green or blue for a cooler atmosphere. Green blinds connect you to nature, health, and renewal. Blue-coloured blinds make one feel calm and add a sense of balance to a room. Whether you choose your blind’s colours to be oceanside, caliente, studio green, or velvet red–the colours you pick will enhance your room and mood. There are many bold coloured blinds to choose from. Bold coloured blinds are not as permanent as the paint on your walls; blinds can easily be replaced. You have the power to choose the colour you want and enhance your decorating experience to make a statement!

Making a Bold Statement

Choosing bold-coloured blinds can make a statement in any room. Your bold-coloured window blinds can complement a furniture piece. Styles and trends change. However, what makes you feel peaceful, comfortable, and happy in your own home is constant. Do not be afraid to trust your personal style. Blinds have amazing versatility. At any time, you can choose to open the blinds. This allows you to switch off the bold colour in the room. In a sense, you can control how much colour the blinds give to a room. It all comes down to your personal preference. Remember, bold-coloured blinds not only influence your windows and rooms–they influence you too. Choose your colours wisely. Nevertheless, allow yourself to enjoy the selection process.

Final Thoughts on Bold-Coloured Blinds

Picking the right bold-coloured blinds can be fun. Bold colours will add energy to your room. This enhances and improves your mood. Blinds can make a strong statement. Keep in mind that a bold colour adds ambiance to a room as well. We all have different personalities. Allow your window blinds to make an impression on your home. Since there are many styles and colours to choose from, selecting the right blinds for your home shouldn’t be a hassle.

Jason Waddle | Contributing Writer

Spring 2024

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