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Best Weekend Brunch Hangouts in Toronto

Brunch is an action. It’s not something you get, it’s something you do

Toronto’s foodies know that weekend brunch is no grab-and-go affair. This gathering of the city’s hungriest from Smithfield to Port Union rightfully deserves its hour-long time slot. 

Check out nine of the best weekend brunch hangouts in Toronto.

Kitchen On Sixth

After a long week of microwaved oatmeal and frozen waffles, it’s nice to actually sit down and enjoy a fresh plate of food. Kitchen On Sixth isn’t trying to redefine brunch; rather, they’re serving up classic plates that’ll hit the spot. Half and Full English Breakfasts satiate your appetite no matter the size while Breakfast Poutine with a side of British beans will also do the trick. The vegan French Toast or Mushrooms On Toast are lighter options that keep you honest with your diet yet still true to your tastebuds.

Dirty Food Eatery

Dirty food down in Junction? Sign us up! Don’t worry; Dirty Food Eatery doesn’t speak to the cleanliness of the ingredients. The restaurant’s name refers to the indulgent comfort food served up during their weekly brunch. Call it guilty pleasure eating, call it nostalgic nibbling. Whatever you do, call ahead to check their waitlist online as Dirty Food Eatery does not accept reservations. That means the Apple Johnnycakes and Asparagus Benny are worth waking up early for. 

Bar Koukla

Surely, you’ve spent at least one post-work evening sampling the Aegean-inspired meze menu and wine bar at Bar Koukla — why not return for brunch on the weekends? A Spanakopita Florentine with a poached egg and creamy hollandaise evokes memories of café dining on the streets of Athens. Baklava Pancakes with Baklava Syrup are a sweet tooth’s dream. Not feeling famished? Squeeze into the booth with your friends anyway and order up a cup of Yoghurt Honey with pumpkin seeds, granola, and seasonal fruit.

ONE Restaurant, Hazelton Hotel

You needn’t be an overnight guest at the Hazelton Hotel to enjoy brunch at its ONE Restaurant, though you totally should. Imagine rolling out of bed and down to this Yorkshire hotspot’s brunch. Menu items like Eggs Royale, Chorizo Hash, and Avocado Toast are available until 3:30 PM. The Shakshuka is at the top of our list: this spiced tomato and pepper stew with feta, challah, and poached eggs is “ONE” in our book. 

Maha’s Brunch 

If you’ve never had an Egyptian brunch, then Maha’s Brunch will wow you beyond belief. You must try the foole: the everyday breakfast for Egyptians on the busy streets of Cairo. Essentially fava beans topped with a slice of boiled egg and tomato feta, this Cairo Classic dish will convince you to explore more of Egypt’s best dishes. Maha’s Award Winning Lentil Soup is nothing to sleep on either. It might not sound like the typical breakfast in North America, but trust us, you’ll quickly warm to this creamy concoction. 

Sisters & Co

Eggs or no eggs. Those are your brunch options at Sisters & Co. Sure, it may seem like a relatively easy question to answer — plain and simple: are you craving eggs or not? — that is, until you actually read the menu. Under the “eggs” column you’ll see a Char Siu Benedict made with caramelized onions, then a Sisters’ Breakfast Sandwich with those same caramelized onions dressed in garlic and Dijon aioli. Peruse the menu more and you’ll see the “not eggs” offerings, which include Gochujang Chicken & Waffle and Itty Bitty Wontons. 

Bodega Henriette

When we think about the best weekend brunch hangouts in Toronto, Bodega Henriette immediately comes to mind. A Falafel Sandwich on sourdough with soy hummus and pickled watermelon radish is only enhanced by the airy outdoor seating. We’ll confess that while this is a great go-to spot for morning coffee and a pastry on the way to the office, there’s something about Bodega Henriette’s brunch that just hits different on the weekend. 

MIA Brunch Bar

With the word “brunch” right in the name, do we really need to tell you why you should take your crew to MIA Brunch Bar this weekend? Hop on the Yonge Subway line to Midtown and kick off your morning with a round of cocktails. Correction: make that multiple rounds. A mimosa and an Aperol Spritz are must-sip classics for any brunch, but the MIA Caesar with vodka, clamato juice, and crispy bacon is amazing. Our preference? The ol’ reliable Good Morning Plate because nothing beats eggs, home fries, and a crispy slice of toast. 

The Drake Hotel

Visitors experiencing Toronto for the first time take note: there are few places better than The Drake Hotel to catch your winks and experience of the best weekend brunch hangouts in the city. Order a plate of Wild Blueberry Mini Scones for the table while you try to decide on one of the many other delicious options. Need more time? Then ask for a half-order of East Coast Oysters. Reserve your table in advance with your bestie and ask for a sharable boozy teapot to really take your brunch to the next level.

Nick Dauk | Contributing Writer

Spring 2024

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