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Father’s Day Celebration: 7 Unique Gift Ideas for That Special Dad

Father’s Day is here again, and as always, we at Debu are all about singing the praises of the good men in our lives. A quick reminder, though, that a father is not only biological, but also that man who stepped in when you needed a father figure to help you sort out your path. Plus, of course, all the wonderful men who are stepping up to the game of doing great things around the world for children who aren’t theirs. So, have you figured out what to get this special man, or are you still undecided about what to do for him this Father’s Day celebration? If the latter is the case, then look no further, because we have it all figured out for you with these unique gift ideas that are sure to make your father or father figure feel like the special man he is. 


“No knowledge is wasted” is one of my life’s mantras—and where do we acquire the most knowledge than between the pages of books, right? You know your father better than anyone and know the kind of books he loves to read. But there’s a caveat, though: you have to buy a whole stash—say five or six or 6, and then do the very unique packaging. You can take this up a notch by personalizing the package of the books with his initials. Also, you can add a faux note from the author(s) of the books to add that personal touch. Be classy. Go all out. 

“Best Dad” Merchandise

If you’re like me, I love personalized items; let’s face it, who doesn’t? This Father’s Day is an opportunity to spoil your dad with some very unique mugs, t-shirts, etc. inscribed with some witty sayings that ARE sure to turn heads when he holds or walks around in them, as the case may be. Then he would be proud to show off your gift to everyone with, “this was my Father’s Day gift from my child.”

Worded Bracelets

Another unique gift for a special dad is the bracelets with wordings either spelling out his name, or just containing some of his special sayings. You can either have it engraved or get the wooden one that spells out what you want to say. Both are equally unique and are sure to put a smile on his face. What’s more, he can wear it everywhere too! 

DIY Gift Baskets

Have you ever walked into a store and admired those beautiful displays of boxes with some good-looking items? I know you have. Now, imagine that you have to pick out your own gift items and build your own basket for your dad. You can either go for his favourite grooming items like cologne, aftershave, perfumes, shaving sticks, bear oils, etc. Or you can choose treats like chocolates, nuts, and cookies. You can even opt for dried fruit and fill the basket with some of your dad’s favourite dried fruits. The choice is yours, and there’s no limit to how much you can fill the basket with. If you prefer, you can mix and match items and make a very big basket. Nothing can be too much for a special dad. 

Personalized Grooming Kits

If you know your dad well, you will know his favourite grooming kits and items. Now, you’d go ahead and replace the labels of those kits with something you designed or typed up. Voila! You have something unique and well thought out for your dad. How to go about this? Simply get a computer and do some designing then print out the completed product. If you don’t have a printer at home, you can go down to Staples and do the printing. Next, you apply glue and stick on the items. What to design? The choice is yours. You can either place his photos or initials, or you can cover the items with your own photo or photos of all of his loved ones. The latter would be a constant reminder of what’s important whenever he uses the items! The options are limitless.

Monogrammed Items

There’s no better time to make your dad feel special like on Father’s Day. Now, here are some suggestions of some items we know he would appreciate if they were monogrammed with his initials. Remember, that bath robe he’s been telling you about since last Christmas? How about that stash of towels you’ve been eyeing for yourself because they’re fluffy and soft? Guess what! Dad would love them too! Not forgetting those special leather bags he loves so much and would love to travel around the world with. Plus, those baseball caps that his golf buddy wore the last time they played. Now, get him these items and have them monogrammed with his initials—boldly!

Box of Wine 

A bottle of wine has always done the trick for lovers of wine and people who generally enjoy having a drink or two. But rather than limiting it to just one bottle, go all out and get him a whole box! Yes, he’s deserving of them. Plus, you know he’ll have those bottles of wine on display for years to come. Especially, if they are the good stuff. 

Gladys Christian | Staff Writer

Summer 2024

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