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Fresh Spring Decorating Ideas to Usher in the New Season

Spring is a time of growth and renewal. Outside, the weather is getting warmer, and flowers are starting to bloom, adding colour to a landscape that was mostly monochromatic throughout winter. Indoors, this is a time when many people do their spring cleaning and as such, may find themselves wanting to update their current décor to reflect the change in seasons inside their home as well. 

Colour Palette 

When choosing what décor you want to change, it’s important to work with a colour palette to ensure cohesiveness in your home. For spring, the colour palette is mostly pastels, and shades of blue, pink, purple, yellow, and green tend to be the most popular. Light coloured woods and metals also help accentuate this look. 

Of course, everyone is different, and so when choosing your palette, you do not have to use every colour that is included in the spring colour palette. Choose the colours that would work best in your home and complement the furniture that you already have. For instance, if you use mostly neutrals such as greys and beiges in your home, green is the perfect colour to add. You could also consider branching out to include some yellow in addition to green if you’re really feeling adventurous. 

The point here is to bring in lots of light after the many dark days of winter, inviting the sun to shine into your home.


The easiest way to freshen up your décor is by changing your textiles. Have textiles that you rotate between depending on the season or holiday while keeping large furniture pieces neutral. So, consider changing out things like your throw pillows and blankets, lampshades, bedding, curtains, and cloths and towels to better reflect the season. 

This is where you can have fun with different pops of colour and patterns that you may not want to incorporate into your large furniture pieces. Adding pieces with floral patterns, or solid pastel colours are a great way to add colour and brighten up your home. Also, consider picking textiles that have different textures if you’re not one to go for patterns. This way there’s still variety to your décor. 

Fresh Plants

Of course, it wouldn’t be spring without flowers. The most popular flower for spring is the tulip, and these flowers come in all of the colours in the spring colour palette. Consider adding a vase of tulips to your mantelpiece or to the middle of your dining room table. You can also add them to a side table or console table at the front entrance of your home as well. 

In your kitchen, an herb garden or some hanging planters can add a really cute spring touch to your décor and liven up the room. Herbs that you can plant in the spring include basil, cilantro, rosemary, and parsley. If you don’t want to plant herbs, hanging a terrarium or two in front of your windows or some long vines, will add both colour and life to your space.

Décor Pieces 

Now, we all have miscellaneous décor pieces thoughtfully placed throughout our homes. Consider which of these could be a part of your seasonal rotation. This could include things like candles and candle holders, coasters, bowls of potpourri, or any other décor. Find ways to freshen up or rotate out these pieces of décor to usher in the new season. This will instantly brighten up your home and make each room feel brand new. 

For instance, placing mason jars, with flowers and fairy lights on a floating shelf is a really cute way to liven up your home, or finding candle holders with a spring or floral theme are another easy way to welcome spring into your home. 

Finally, adding a spring themed wreath to your front door is a great way to welcome in the new season. Whether you go simple or bold, adding a wreath to your home is another great way to really bring the outdoors in.

Lauren Schwartz | Staff Writer

Summer 2024

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