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Creative Ways to Spend Mother’s Day

For over a hundred years we have been celebrating Mother’s Day, a day dedicated to the women in our lives who gave us life, raised us, and helped us become the people that we are today. Originally, the holiday was created to celebrate our moms in a genuine way, without the commercialization that we see today. So, how can we celebrate the day in the way it was meant to be celebrated, spending time with our moms celebrating, and all they do for us? 

In addition to making a card, cleaning the house, and cooking all of her meals for her, you want to make sure that your celebrations are tailored to her and prioritize her wants. It’s her special day after all, and what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day, than by spending the day with her doing the things that she likes to do.

Have an Art or Hobby Day

If your mom is more of the artsy type, or loves to DIY, then you may want to spend the day participating in an art class with her. These classes can include things like a painting or drawing class, sculpting, flower arranging, or really any other type of arts and crafts that she may be interested in. If you don’t want to do a formal class, you can still do these things with her at home, following an online tutorial or just participating in arts and crafts on your own with her. 

If your mom isn’t the artsy type, but still prefers to stay indoors and has other hobbies, you can play board games or video games, complete a puzzle, make a scrapbook, start a book club, or complete a scavenger hunt with her. 

Garden Party 

If your mom wants to stay home but still wants to go outside, transform your backyard into a garden fit for a picnic, tea party, or BBQ, depending on your mom’s preferences. You can also spend the day with her helping with the upkeep of her garden, or planting a garden if she doesn’t already have one.

Food and Drink Tasting 

If your mom is more interested in food and/or drink, you may want to take her on a wine tasting tour. And don’t worry if your mom doesn’t like wine, you can also take her on a beer tasting tour, whiskey tasting, and for non-alcoholic options, there are coffee tasting tours and chocolate tasting tours as well. 

Many of these tours allow you to learn about how the food or drink is made while also inviting you to try the different offerings that the shop or vineyard sells. Some of these tours, especially the chocolate tasting tours, also have a portion where participants make their own food or drink to take home with them. 

Volunteer Together 

If your mom values giving back to the community, you may want to consider working with the charity of her choice for the day, participating in charitable events and giving back. 

Sports Outing

If your mom is more of the sporty type, consider buying tickets to see her favourite team play, and if she’d prefer to participate in sports, you can participate in a fitness class with her, go kayaking or canoeing, go hiking, biking, or participate in whatever other sport she prefers. 

A Day Out

You can also take your mom to watch a show, either at the movies, or to see a live production at the theatre, and if she’s more into music, you can take her to a concert. There are also sightseeing tours that you can take her on, and museums are great places to go to spend time together. 

You can also take her shopping at the mall, antique stores, a farmers’ market, or any other specialty market that may interest her. 

Self Care Day 

You can also do the classic Mother’s Day activity and take her to the spa so she can relax and pamper herself, as she deserves. You can also just stay home and binge-watch her favourite show, spend a lazy day in your pajamas, or do whatever activity means self-care to her. 

Debu Living Team

Spring 2024

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