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The Rise of Virtual Fitness Classes and Their Effectiveness

As the world hunkered down during the COVID pandemic, fitness workouts were trending on social media platforms and YouTube. From yoga to other professional workouts, trainers and retired athletes went online to showcase their skills and share their knowledge to help people stay in shape.

For example, Instagram feeds featured workout posts that increased over fivefold since the pandemic began. As more people were urged to stay home, social media platforms like Facebook and companies like Nike offered premium content free of charge for people to stay fit.

Fitness influencers also began offering services by promoting instructional videos that appealed to the masses. Many began following the workouts in the comfort of their living room or backyard. 

Now that the pandemic is over, you might wonder if virtual workouts are just as good as in-person workouts. 

Here are some reasons why they could be just as effective as working out in a gym.

What are the Benefits of Virtual Workouts?

Despite all the challenges and hurdles, virtual workouts are a great way to stay in shape. Just because you can’t be in a gym with a group, you can still stay in shape without having to commute or pay for expensive memberships. Here are a few advantages of virtual fitness classes that should give you more reasons to start. 

Flexible Timing

Virtual classes are easy to handle because they allow you to navigate a busy schedule. After all, you can plan your workout time according to your timetable without having to meet a deadline to be at the gym. 

To start your workout, whether recorded or live streamed, simply open your phone, tablet, computer, or smart TV and follow along. That means you can easily get your workout done, jump in the shower, and handle any other obligation. Busy moms can do a full workout while the baby naps and take care of other tasks when they wake up.

Explore More Exercise Options

Online workouts allow you to explore several exercises. They also provide more options and choices in terms of classes, trainers, and learning styles. Fitness experts and instructors can adapt the exercise regimen to suit your needs. 

Fitness First, an international fitness centre with clubs all over the world, has a trove of over 550 workouts by some of the world’s best instructors. Their virtual classes include on-demand live sessions complemented by a library of workout videos to keep you motivated and moving at any time of the day. 

More Privacy

Virtual fitness classes allow you to take your workout routine to new heights and switch things up for a fun and creative exercise. If you ever felt embarrassed to try a workout move or pose in front of others, you can feel free to do so in your private space. You can’t feel self-conscious or intimidated by the presence of others. After all, you are in the comfort of your own home or space. 

You get the Best of Both Worlds

There is something special about exercising in a group, just as there are benefits to exercising alone. Virtual workouts give you a combination of both worlds. You can still see others exercise with you on the screen and sweat it out altogether but in the privacy of your own space. 

Seeing others exercise can enhance your self-confidence and boost your morale and motivation. Another benefit of group exercises is that all the planning is already done for you. Your instructor will show you how to do each exercise. You have to follow along with the group and enjoy it without having to worry about doing an exercise that you don’t know. 

The Future of Virtual Exercises

Now that gym and fitness centres have fully reopened, virtual fitness classes are proving to be a blessing in disguise. Because they are convenient, you can easily train anywhere.

Moreover, many can now access free workouts on social media channels and YouTube by paying a small fee on YouTube streaming membership channels, which cost much less than a yearly gym membership. Additionally, the ease and accessibility of these platforms are paving the way for fitness enthusiasts and influencers to explore new exercises they haven’t tried before. 

When people were stuck at home for months on end, exercise was an ideal way to get out of the turmoil and distress. Now that you can efficiently exercise in the privacy of your home, virtual fitness classes are more critical than ever in proving that health is indeed wealth!

Aaron Levinson | Staff Writer

Spring 2024

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