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How to Use Pantone’s Colour of the Year/Viva Magenta

Powerful, bold, brilliant, playful, and whimsical are just a few words we could use to describe Pantone’s 2023 Colour of the Year: Viva Magenta. The daring and fearless shade is inspired by the cochineal, an insect that produces one of nature’s richest and brightest natural dyes, carmine. Pantone describes the colour as a return to the natural world in the age of technology. It is about striking a balance between our digital and metaphysical lives; as such, the colour is very much rooted in nature. 

The exquisite shade has already permeated the fashion and beauty industries, and we expect it to soon infiltrate the interior design realm in a major way. Forecasted trends for 2023 indicate minimalism is out, and understated maximalism is in. These trends include big bold colours, folksy accents, and ultra-glam fabrics and materials. Here are some pro tips on how to incorporate Viva Magenta into your home décor.  

Try It On

Bold colours can be intimidating to include into your space. If you aren’t ready to take the plunge, we recommend using an AI interior design tool to “try before you buy”. These apps allow you to design rooms from scratch, including paint colours, furniture, and décor items, so you get an idea of what the finalized space would look like before you commit.  

Playful Planters

An easy and affordable way to inject small amounts of colour into your home to test it out is to replace a few of your existing planters with bright, bold ones featuring Pantone’s Colour of the Year. This allows you to slowly warm up to the shade, as well as test it in different light settings to see how it blends.

Decorative Pillows & Throws

Decorative accents like throw pillows, blankets, and throws are an easy way to add an inexpensive pop of colour to your home if you are not into a major colour overhaul. Another upside is blankets can also be used to swatch test the colour on the walls if you do decide to paint.

Whimsical Window Coverings

Window coverings are another reasonably affordable and non-committal way to infuse Viva Magenta throughout your surroundings. Whether you choose to go with bold solid blinds, delicately patterned drapes, or a vibrant valance, you can customize the colour pop to your liking. 

Colourful Ceilings

If you feel bold, you can modernize a neutral colour palette by adding a splash of Viva Magenta to your ceiling. Just be sure to consider your space beforehand, a ceiling colour that is darker or brighter than the walls can make the room appear smaller. It is best to reserve this colour treatment for high ceilings or an open entryway. However, if you are craving a more intimate space, you can also use this treatment to your advantage in bedrooms and living rooms. 

Stunning Statement Pieces

Décor divas who opt to forego paint can still make a splash by focusing on bold statement pieces.  Whether you settle on a lively throw rug, a daring piece of furniture, or an eclectic lamp, Viva Magenta is sure to liven up the space with its bright earthy hue. 

Unflinching Foliage

As the shade represents reconnecting with nature, it seems only fitting to use nature to help incorporate the shade into your design space. Many flowers and houseplants bloom in this electrifying shade, such as Coleus, Caladium, Hypoestes Phyllostachya, succulents, Orchids, Lilies, and Peonies, to name a few.  

Unconventional Wall Art

Swapping out the wall art in your home is an effortless way to revive your space and incorporate current colour trends. If you are creative, you could even design your own unique piece to inject your personality into the space. Wall art is a practical way to feature trendy colours, as it can be easily replaced when the time comes. 

Splash it on the Walls

If you are not colour shy and love to stay on top of current trends, take the plunge and throw it up on the walls. Whether you choose to do a whole room, a striking accent wall, or a half wall for a more subtle look, Viva Magenta will joyfully usher your outdated space into 2023. 

Total Revamp

A total design revamp is not for the faint of heart, as it requires a significant investment, in both time and money. If you are open to creative styles consider mixing and matching any of the suggestions above for a fully customizable, stylish, and modernized look. Happy designing!

Jessica Gardner | Contributing Writer

Spring 2024

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