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Must-Watch Comedies Streaming in Summer 2023

We’ll kick off our summer 2023 must-watch movies with a favourite of many movies’ lovers – comedies. 

The Lovebirds

Issa Rae paired with Kumail Nanjiani as a troubled couple unsure of their relationship. While trying to navigate around their difficulties, they find themselves in a murder mystery. The Lovebirds is streaming on Movie HD.

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 stars Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler as they return for the sequel of this franchise. However, they’re no longer the former Spitz couple: Nick the amateur detective, and Audrey the established hair stylist and grossly dissatisfied wife; they’re now real detectives with their own agency and business cards! They are invited for the wedding of an old friend on an exotic island, and everything goes downhill from there when they get involved yet again in another murder mystery, this time on an international level. Catch this funny take on a serious crime detective movie on Netflix.

We Have a Ghost

We Have a Ghost is about a family of 4 who moves into an old fix-me-upper in the suburbs. They’ve been moving around a lot, and are looking forward to settling in their new home this time for a long time. However, their youngest son captures a ghost on his phone, and strange things begin to happen from then on. The CIA even got involved at some point! You can’t afford to miss this. Catch it on Netflix.

Shark Tale

The Shark Tale will appeal to and entertain the whole family. The movie tells the story of a fish who gets into trouble for lying about the death of a shark. He is being hailed by members of his community for doing the unthinkable, and tagged a hero. But then, the real truth about the shark’s death is revealed. 

The Hangover 

The Hangover tells the story of three best friends who attend a bachelor party of their friend in Las Vegas and party so hard that they woke up the next day with memory loss! To make matters worse, their friend, the groom, goes missing and they have no recollection of where he might be. To regain their memory and find the groom, they begin to retrace their steps prior to the party night, with rib-cracking discoveries along the way. The movie stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Heather Graham, and other wonderful actors. The Hangover was released in 2009.

The Reluctant Traveler With Eugene Levy

This series is based on the travel odyssey of comedian Eugene Levy who tags himself as a reluctant traveler. Catch Eugene on this hilarious series as he embarks on journeys to memorable destinations amid discomforts and fun. Watch the series on Apple+.

The Lost City

Hollywood favourites, Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, and Daniel Radcliffe are the stars in this adventure movie with a rom-com undertone. After Sandra Bullock, a bestselling author, is kidnapped by a billionaire who believes she can help him find the Lost City from her novels; a rescue mission is set up by a former CIA agent played by Brad Pitt and the cover model of her book, played by Tatum. You can watch The Lost City on Paramount+.

Love and Gelato

Love and Gelato is based on the novel by Jenna Evans Welch. It tells the story of a young lady on an adventurous trip to Europe who sets her sights on two young men whom she has to decide on. Fun with lots of food and wine, this feel good movie is on Netflix.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

The late traveler and chef, Anthony Bourdain is the star of this travel series. Follow the adventures of a lifetime as he wanders through unheard of places around the globe. You can catch this award-winning travel adventure series on Discovery+.

Dazed and Confused

Matthew McConaughey’s stars in this old-time favourite. Dazed and Confused tells the story of a young 20-something year old man who enjoys hanging out with high school kids. There’s lots of drama as you’d expect from such a crowd, and some adventure too. Catch it on Amazon Prime.

Other People

A heartbroken comedy writer leaves his home in New York to go to his childhood home in Sacramento to take care of his mom who is dying. This tear-jerker will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Molly Shannon’s role in this movie is a game changer! Catch it on Movie HD.

Chinenye Emezie | Staff Writer

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