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Plant-Based Food Trends to Try

Whether you’ve noticed or not, plant-based food trends have been on the rise. Now Veganuary, a challenge that asks people to try being vegan each January, is gaining mainstream acceptance and more people are interested in ordering the Impossible Whopper from Burger King. Even companies known for their meat products are expanding by creating plant-based options. For example, Maple Leaf Foods announced their Lightlife line of burger patties and sausages in 2019. We’ll explain five of the most recent plant-based food trends for you to try.

Not Your Usual Patty 

 Plant-based burgers are known to most of us but now vegan fried chicken is fast becoming a featured item in restaurants. You still get the texture and taste of fried chicken in a completely plant-based dish using tofu, chickpeas or oyster mushrooms. These are perfect to have in a sandwich, on their own, or to enjoy with waffles for brunch. Companies such as Rebellyous Foods are making it easy to buy plant-based nuggets, tenders, and, of course, patties.

There’s A New Beverage in Town 

Dairy milk alternatives such as oat or almond milk are well known plant-based beverages. However, more and more meal kit companies are now including plant-based smoothies that are deliverable right to your front step. Canadian companies such as Revive Superfoods don’t just stick to basic strawberry-banana either. They include options such as beet and cardamom or mango and papaya. Consumers at home only need to add the liquid of choice to the prepackaged ingredients and blend.

Cauliflower Wings for Every Occasion

Get creative with all the different flavours that chicken wings are known for, but this time with cauliflower as the star ingredient. They’re easy to make at home or act as a treat when ordering out. The Sticky Sesame Cauliflower Wings from Jessica in the Kitchen is a great recipe that serves six and can keep in the fridge for up to four days. Whether you choose spicy or sweet, this trend makes for a great game day snack or dinner side.

Chickpeas Are Taking Over

Chickpeas can be added to many different meals, which makes it a versatile ingredient. Try throwing them in pasta dishes, using them to make cereal, or topping salads. Besides the multitude varieties of hummus, chickpeas are everywhere. Most notably, they are a key ingredient for gluten-free and nut-free tortillas. Chickpeas are being seen as more of a staple ingredient as they are a great source of protein as well.

Vegan Condiments to Top It All Off

At a BBQ, there is no dearth of plant-based condiment options, which are now being offered by lots of companies specializing in plant-based food. For instance, Chosen Foods has vegan mayo made from avocado oil and chickpea broth (another way to use chickpeas!) Or check out 88 Acres for their tasty, seed-based salad dressing. 

Claire Bradbury | Contributing Writer

Summer 2024

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