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Fun Ways to Decorate your Office Workspace

Given the amount of time that we spend working, it’s important to ensure that our office space lifts our mood. Being in a good mood boosts productivity and motivation and will help in your overall enjoyment of your job. 

If you work from home, customizing your workspace can help separate your office from the rest of your home, stopping the blending of your home life and work life. If you work in an office, customizing your space can be quite tricky, as some employers can be more rigid than others in regard to what employees can and can’t keep at their desks. 

Regardless of where you work however, here are a few tips to help make your workspace a fun place to be. 

Ergonomics and Comfort 

The most important thing is that you’re comfortable while you’re at your desk. If you work from home, make sure that your chair, desk, keyboard, and mouse all support a comfortable and healthy sitting position. If you work in an office, you may not get to choose these pieces of furniture, but you can supplement by adding a pillow or blanket to your chair to fit your needs. 

Wall Décor 

Depending on the amount of customization that you are allowed to do to your space, adding some wall décor can be a great way to make your office space more fun. Adding some artwork, hanging a calendar, putting up some photos, a photo wire, peg board, or any other type of wall décor can really spruce up a space. Of course, it’s best not to overdo it, as too many things on the walls can make your space distracting and cluttered. 

Desk Décor 

Whether you work at home or in an office, your desk is the perfect space to decorate and really make your own. You can add photos of loved ones, or other pieces that represent who you are, such as a flag or a figurine from your favourite TV show. If you’re going to put out photos, try putting them in a fun frame to add some colour and personalization to your desk.

You can also use fun boxes, cups, and containers to hold your colourful and eclectic office supplies, rather than a boring organizer. Having colourful folders, and cool notebooks with unique bookends, and writing utensils in a fun mug, jar, or any other type of holder, adds a little bit of character to your space and can really help make your office more fun. 

In addition, if you are permitted to do so, adding a lamp can help enhance your space as well. Whether you choose an unusual lamp for its unique charm, or a salt-rock lamp for its calming properties, this change in lighting can really help a space truly feel like it’s yours. 


Of course, there’s no better way to literally breathe life into your space than by adding a plant or two. When you’re stuck inside all day, bring the outdoors in, by adding some hanging plants if you can, or even just by adding a small plant to your desk. 

Spider plants, succulents and cacti, philodendrons, string of pearls and orchids are some of the many plants that are great picks for the office. The best plants are ones that don’t require a huge amount of upkeep, and don’t require a lot of sunlight if you work in a dark office.

If you, for whatever reason, can’t have a real plant in your office, fake plants have come a long way in terms of looks, and can still improve a space tremendously. 


Finally, other office accessories such as magnets, push pins, paper clips and writing utensils don’t have to be boring. Use colourful, unique, or quirky office supplies to liven up your space. Go to vintage or thrift stores, or hobbyist stores to discover some really unique finds.

Overall, when it comes to decorating your office, of course you want to ensure that it remains professional and appropriate for a work environment. But, by adding a few personal touches, you can make your office space a far more fun and enjoyable place to be. 

Lauren Schwartz | Staff Writer

Summer 2024

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