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Essential Items for a Practical Child-friendly Playroom

One of the most pivotal contributions that a first-time parent can have ready for their growing child is a comfortable, and safe space for them to play in, aka “a playroom.” The playroom is where growth happens for children from the toddler stage up until grade school. It is a place where a small child’s imagination begins to expand, and it is also a place where the parent can connect with their little one on a special level. Ultimately, it’s important that your child loves the environment you have created for them. Here are a few essential items to include when creating a practical child-friendly playroom. 


For starters, you’re going to need a space with carpet, or a large rug to help keep your little one safe when they tumble to the ground from time to time. They’re also there for you to make getting down on the floor to play with them a little more comforting.

Comfortable Seating

Cozy seating is a must for both children and adults in the playroom. It does not need to be a complex setup. A couple of bean bag chairs, and maybe one small comfy chair with a pillow nestled on it. To keep the aesthetic of the room vibrant, make sure to match the colour palette of the seating with the rug or carpet of the room.

Reading Nook

Chances are, by the time the toddler phase sets in, your child may get involved in books. Make some space in a far corner with floating shelves, a well-organized pillow setup, some blankets, and some of their favorite books to read after a long day. The reading nook also makes a great pre-bed-time area to begin to wind down.

Toy Storage

Playrooms are going to get messy every day, and an adult has to do most of the clean-up in the early stages. Storage bins will be your best friend. Giving every toy a place to go when playtime is over will help your child learn how to clean up after themselves, and help them find their independence a bit too with playtime. Don’t just have a plain old hand-me-down toy bin; make it appealing to the child’s eyes, and have it work with the aesthetic of the room.

Activity Table 

The table is key to any playroom. There are multiple ways to put a table to good use when implementing one. Arts and crafts come to mind, or colouring in a colouring book. It also makes for a perfect spot to have lunch or snack time ready for your child.

Modular Couch

Perhaps, one of the most popular traits in a playroom these days is the modular couch. A modular couch that can offer different arrangements in sizes for your children to play and relax on. Some have enough room for you to join them on it. These can be used for the long run, as they can be adjusted from a piece of furniture to a kids’ fort or even a slide for them to use.

Artwork Display

Most likely, your child is going to take some pride in a drawing they made; why not have a place to hang it up in the playroom? This one may take a little bit of handy work. You could just use some hooks and nails to put them on the wall or be a little more decorative with a wire tied down by a few hooks, and a little sign to draw attention to the artwork. Once the pictures are hung up, watch your little one beam with pride at their artwork. 

Decorative Walls

Andy in the film Toy Story had beautiful white clouds against a baby blue sky in his room, so why not make your child’s walls decorative in theirs? A child’s interests can change overnight. So, in order to not be stuck with a certain design, utilize stick-on wall decals that can allow you to switch things up and cater to their interests. And if you want to go with the old-school method, there are many modern-looking wallpapers out there to bring the room to life as well.

Furniture and Storage Integration 

If you have an overload of toys and knick-knacks, save on space by having storage and furniture work as one. A bench with space underneath it for storage baskets works great, but if you really want to get fancy, get an ottoman with a hollowed bench underneath it to utilize when picking up after playtime.

Tyler Geis | Contributing Writer

Spring 2024

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