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Updating an Outdated Space

Whether you’ve just moved into an older home, or you feel your home is in dire need of a refresh, we’ve got you! Here are some tips to update your space in a budget-friendly way. 

Clean Up

Clean up and consider donating things you no longer need. If there is any clutter, or anything that you don’t want in the space, including pieces of furniture, this is your time to either put it away or get rid of it. Make sure that whatever is in this room, are things you plan on using in the space.

Consider A New Layout

Cleaning up should give you a clear idea of the floor plan of the room and should indicate whether the current layout of your furniture is working for this room, or if you may want to consider a new layout. 

If all of your furniture is pushed up against the walls, try reconfiguring it so you can use the floor space a little better. Try having your couch face the wall instead of having it against the wall, for instance. More than just your coffee table can go in the middle of the room and still look great.

Design Style and Colour Palette 

Do some research and look into which design style or styles you like best. Most people are a combination of a few styles, so don’t feel like you need to stick to just one. The important thing here is to make sure that your room feels deliberate in how it’s designed, rather than things just thrown together.

This is where your colour palette comes in. You can take inspiration from online, paint chips, a piece of decor, or your rug. Your colour palette should include not just the colours that you will be using, but also the different textures and patterns that will best complement your design style.

New Coat of Paint 

Every designer will tell you that the first thing they do when refreshing a space is they give it a new coat of paint, even if you plan on keeping your walls white. Paint can become stained over time and can start to look old and tired. You’ll be amazed with how much better your space looks with a fresh coat.

You can also paint things like kitchen cabinets as a budget friendly way to update your kitchen. And you can also paint doors and give your crown moulding and baseboards a refresh too.

Swap Out Hardware 

Speaking of kitchens, swap out your cupboard handles and knobs for hardware that complements your chosen style. Once you’re done swapping out the knobs in your kitchen, consider swapping out any doorknobs you have in your home, as well as the knobs you have on any pieces of furniture such as dressers or chests. 

You can also swap out the legs on your furniture as a way to update them and match the look you’re going for. This sort of change will really help ensure that your design is cohesive.

New Textiles 

With the exception of the bathroom and the kitchen, every room needs a rug. They help define the space, give it warmth and tie the entire room together. Make sure that your rug is the right size for your space as it will help with furniture placement. Only front furniture legs, with the exception of your coffee table, should be on the rug.

You can also update your throw blankets and the pillowcases on your throw pillows to match the space and you can reupholster larger pieces of furniture too.

Light Fixtures 

Switch out your old light fixtures for new ones. Change out any wall lights you have, and definitely update your ceiling lights. There are a lot of beautiful wall sconces and pendant lights that you can choose from that will really make your space look amazing.

Window Treatments 

This isn’t about just changing your curtains, though you should do that too. If you have blinds or shutters, you can update them, or swap those out for something more to your taste. Your curtain rod may also need to be replaced to match your new style better.

Lauren Schwartz | Staff Writer

Spring 2024

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