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Tips For Styling a Stunning Dining Table for Entertainment

When having guests over for a casual or formal meal, few things can be more fun and exciting than styling the dining table. After all, it gives you the opportunity to get creative and express yourself in ingenious ways. From tablecloths to china, vases, and table runners, how big you go is entirely up to you.

Setting the dining table well in advance makes the process of serving dinner easier and makes dining a breeze for guests. Here are a few tips to help you create a stunning table for your next gathering.

Place Cards

If you have twelve or more guests, place cards are useful. You can innovatively create a dinner party menu that doubles as a place card. It can add an elegant touch to the dining table, especially if you pair it with gilded greenery or a wrapped napkin.


The tablecloth sets the theme; you can choose various colours that match the ambience of your dining room. You can also go for linens if you are setting up your table for a formal dinner. For a casual dinner, you can go for a tablecloth with more than one textile print or muslin fabric. When choosing napkins, you can mix and match colours and patterns to add to the table’s vibe.


Another essential component of setting up the dinner table is the tableware. When setting up a table, it is necessary to ensure that your dinnerware is uniform. This means everyone should have the same plate, glass, and cutlery. 

If you are hosting a casual dinner, sun-kissed terracotta tableware is trending. Some are even painted with stripes to give them a fashionable look. You can also complement your dining table with matching salt and pepper shakers and napkin rings.


Candles add a unique ambience changing the atmosphere of your dining room. In a formal dinner setting, candles add a touch of romance and relaxation and create a welcoming feeling. Even during the day, candles look beautiful on your dining table, as they come in different heights, colours, and sizes.

For a formal dinner, you can place unscented white candles on candlesticks. Alternatively, you can include mirrors under the candles or place floating tealight candles in a bowl of water, the light from the candles reflects on the table creating a unique ambience. 


Placemats are a wonderful addition to your formal dining table. Not only do they decorate your table, but they also protect it from stains and hot plates. They can add texture and colour to your dining room. 

Modern placemats are trendier and useful for protecting your table from spills and scratches. Placemats and tablecloths can add warmth and texture to your dining table. They come in different shapes and colours and can be mixed and matched to suit your needs.

Decorative Glasses

When setting up your dining table, you do not necessarily have to follow the standard crystal glasses. You can get creative and add attractive glasses with different patterns etched into the glass or include fun coloured water glasses. In a formal table setting, crystal glasses can add grace and elegance. Always remember to place the all-purpose water glasses above the knife. The other dinner glasses are placed to the right.

Let the Table Speak for Itself

If you have a beautiful dinner table, let it speak for itself instead of covering it unnecessarily with a tablecloth. You can keep decorations to a minimum and use other natural colour tones or vases to style your table. You can give your dining table visual flair by choosing unique mats that complement the colour of your dining table. 

Aaron Levinson | Staff Writer

Summer 2024

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