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Bid Farewell to Bloating and Gas

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There has surely been a time when you have thoroughly enjoyed an appetizing meal or beverage, only to feel inflated and lethargic moments later. When individuals reach a certain age (when they can no longer eat and drink whatever they want, and still look and feel fabulous), they have to start watching what they eat. Due to our individual food sensitivities and intolerances, our bodies struggle to process certain ingredients, causing us to bloat and become gassy. Sometimes, all it takes is eating one specific ingredient to feel like you have packed on a few extra pounds. While there is not a one-size-fits-all remedy to alleviate bloating, try implementing the following tactics into your routine to banish your bloat and carry on with your day.

Conquer with Cardio:
If you like taking brisk walks, jumping on an elliptical, or going for energetic jogs, cardio workouts will help reduce bloating by moving stagnant gasses through your digestive tract. Such physical activities also help your body expel gas, strengthen your core, stretch your muscles, and reduce stress. While these workouts are simple, it is recommended that individuals incorporate a minimum of thirty minutes of consistent movement into their daily routine for promising results. 

Say Yes to Yoga:

Yoga, a system that encompasses spiritual, physical, and mental awareness, has promoted meditation and health practices for hundreds of years. It incorporates several relaxation exercises, and is often used to combat tension, bloating, and gas. It relaxes the body by warming up the stomach and intestines, which helps in promoting digestion. There are a couple of simple poses that you can do (from the comfort of your own home) to help relieve gas and bloating: 

Bharadvaja’s Twist:
Benefits – Improves posture and body awareness, while helping to stimulate proper digestion.

∙ Sit with your legs in front of you. Now, shift to your right and bend your knees, while bringing your feet near to your left hip. Then, rest your left ankle on the arch of your right foot.
∙ Next, lengthen your spine as you inhale. Twist to the right as you exhale. Place your fingertips on the floor behind you, and tuck your left hand underneath your right knee, with your palm placed on the floor.
∙ Then, wrap your right arm behind you and clasp your left upper arm.
∙ Now, lengthen your breaths as you inhale, and twist deeper as you exhale, while looking over your right shoulder.
∙ Hold this pose while you take in slow and deep breaths.
∙ Then, slowly exhale, and change sides.

Repeat each side once.

Ustrasana (Camel Pose):
Benefits – Used to open up your upper body and relieve bloating with a technique that stretches your abdomen and chest, giving your system room to properly digest.

∙ First, stand on your knees and place your legs width part, while tucking in your toes.
∙ Now, engage your inner thighs by drawing in your lower belly, and roll your shoulders back.
∙ On your next breath, lengthen through your waist, and lift your chest up.
∙ With your lower body in a stable position, exhale, and come into your backbend position, while keeping your chest lifted. Avoid crunching your neck and lower back.
∙ As you lean back, find your heels with your hands.
∙ Keep your inner thigh engaged while you firm your shoulder blades; hold this position for a couple of minutes.
∙ Rise back up, while inhaling, and sit on your heels with a neutral spine for a moment.

Breathing out Toxins:Not all exercises have to be physically or mentally invigorating. Here is a breathing technique you can easily implement into your daily routine to subdue gas and bloating:

Deep breathing:
∙ Sit or lay down comfortably.
∙ Close your eyes and deeply inhale through your nose; count up to six seconds as you breathe in.
∙ Hold your breath for four seconds, and slowly exhale through your mouth for six seconds.

Jerri Lyons | Contributing Writer

Spring 2024

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