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The Top Five Fitness Clubs for Women, In Toronto

New Year’s Day has come and gone, but fitness resolutions are year-round. 


Verity’s mission has been to support women advancing through social, business, and personal opportunities. It’s a meeting place where members can grow their careers, meet with other community members, recognize their potential, and be nurtured by friendships. It’s the only private women’s club in downtown Toronto, with 65,000 square feet of beautifully designed spaces, multitudes of amenities, and events which include a diverse range of female leaders from a wide spectrum of arenas. The Verity Club belongs to the Verity Group of Companies, touting “George Restaurant”, “The Ivy Hotel at Verity”, and “Sweetgrass Spa”, with 10 treatment rooms, and its own in-house florist! 

Membership is expensive, but there is value! Verity has a library, fitness center, spinning and yoga studios, meeting rooms, and an ozonated swimming pool. Busy women can arrange meetings and manicures at one location!

They host several programs to “give back”. Each month, they invite women from Regent Park, to get pampered, and eat dinner. They also run “100 friends at Christmas” each year, donating dinners and presents to single moms and their kids. 

Motto:Discover the riches in investing in yourself.

La Femme Strong  

La Femme Strong was established in 2015, and maintains a friendly atmosphere for femmes to challenge their bodies, and develop confidence in their physical abilities.

La Femme Strong advertises themselves as a multi-disciplinary fitness studio, devoted to the strength and power of women. They specialize in customized fitness programming, for one-on-one or small groups. They’re a strength training community for women, those who experience a “femme” identity, and non-binary individuals. Their goal is to create an inclusive atmosphere, that celebrates individual strength. Their ideology embraces the body’s unique abilities. They’ve created an atmosphere where strength training is fun, interesting, and accessible.

Their trainers have experience and expertise in specific areas. They develop close relationships with their clients, to truly make an impact. They love to guide people on their journeys.

Motto: STRENGTH. PASSION. POWER. “We believe that everyone is a mixture of strength, passion, and power. We’re just here to help!”


Move is a boutique fitness club, exclusively for women. The founder, Kelly Taphouse, a certified trainer, became discouraged with the industry predominantly focusing on outward appearances. Her mission is to make women strong, help them achieve their own fitness goals, from the inside, out.

Move believes training is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to establish feelings of strength from within. They help women achieve their personal bests. 

They offer small group or one-on-one training, expert coaching, and nutritional guidance.

There are no scales, here! 

Their certified coaches lead safe workouts, and offer encouragement. The beautiful surroundings motivate and inspire. 



This is a small boutique gym that offers high-level coaching in Muay Thai, Boxing, self-defence, and their “Fit Body Bootcamp Program” in a women-only atmosphere. They’ve created a professional, safe, and inclusive atmosphere, for LGBT communities, diverse women, and Muslim women. 

Their coaches are highly qualified, culturally sensitive, and enjoy working with diverse populations. 

Sister Fit wants to help people develop confidence in their identities, abilities, and bodies. 

Their programs help clientele focus on their individual priorities, through a health and fitness lens, and  supports women creating a growth mindset, which gives them a trajectory for success, in their gym, and in their lives.

Their class sizes are small, to encourage meaningful relationships with like-minded women. They blend the best of both worlds, the direction and individualized attention of elite-level coaches, mixed with the  energy of a group class. Their classes teach real combat skills and self- defence. They’re not merely focused on burning calories. They want to help clients develop their fitness and techniques, so they can progress.

They’re committed to delivering services which go beyond their clients’ expectations.

Motto: Community + Experience + Results!


Club Enhergy is a boutique gym for women, in North York. Offering 2400 square feet, Club Enhergy is a naturally lit space, with advanced fitness equipment. They offer small group training, classes, workshops, nutritional guidance, and expert coaching. 

They also offer one-on-one workouts, and a custom meal plan, designed to help clients achieve their personal fitness goals.  They believe in making women feel as strong on the outside, as they are on the inside. 

They tout themselves as: “A community of empowered women, on a mission to uplift each other.

There is no shortage of places to explore. Find Your Place!

Cheryl Struzer | Contributor

Spring 2024

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