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Red Barrinuevo Tips: How to Style Your Home for a Successful Sale

If you’re trying to sell your property for top dollar, how are you styling and merchandising it? Posting a ”For Sale” sign on your front lawn alone won’t catch the eye of the market’s top buyers. Today’s homebuyers have high expectations, thanks to the proliferation of home design shows, coupled with the hefty prices characterizing the Toronto real estate market. What are you doing to set your listing apart from the others? Believe it or not, a little staging can go a long way.


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Here are some tips for styling your home to make the sale.

Style your space with intention. Before you start pushing furniture around, you need to know and understand your target buyer. Who is likely to buy a home in your neighbourhood? Perhaps it’s a growing family, an empty nester, or a young couple who loves to entertain. Know who you’re marketing your home to and stage the space to appeal to their lifestyle.

Dress for the occasion. The way you style your space should justify your asking price. If you’re listing your penthouse at $3 million, then your furniture and accessories need to reflect a luxury price point. Going cheap on your décor will drag down your home’s overall aesthetic and, ultimately, the offers.

Define function. Styling and staging a property is like giving buyers an instruction manual on how to make the most of the space, should they choose to make it their next home. Ensure every area is clearly defined in terms of function. Then, pretty it up!



Consider your location. Location is a key consideration when styling and staging a property because it often dictates the new owners’ lifestyle and how they function in the home. For example, the suburbs are often home to young and growing families, so a nursery or children’s play area would be appealing to these prospective buyers. Meanwhile, in a small downtown condo, a seller could see more action by setting up a spare room as a home office or guest bedroom.

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Make it aspirational. Achieving home ownership is a dream come true for most of us. It’s a milestone, a measure of success in life, and a hard-earned accomplishment to be proud of. Remember: your home is probably the biggest purchase and investment your buyers will make in their lifetime. By styling and staging your property, you’re not just helping to sell the four walls, but the lifestyle that awaits within!

Images courtesy: Red Barrinuevo: website & Instagram: @redbarrinuevo

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Summer 2024

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