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Vegan Gluten-Free Stuffing

Photo credit: Crowded Kitchen

As a child, Thanksgiving was an exciting time. It was the promise of stuffing that excited me the most – moist, multi-seasoned bread hiding inside a turkey, soaking up its melted fat. At our family dinner table, there were North American dishes and staple Congolese dishes, for those who wanted more traditional food. 

As I grew into my teen years and became more aware, I learned about the truth behind Thanksgiving: in some states, Thanksgiving was a celebration of the mass slaughter of the Indigenous Native Americans. The magic at the table was gone for me, but I am still gathered with my family because I wanted to spend time with them. 

We bought stuffing in a box and never made it from scratch. But last year, my partner made a scrumptious vegan mushroom stuffing – no turkey or dairy involved, due to our dietary needs – and it was the best I’ve ever had. For others looking to adapt this dish, here’s a recipe to suit your needs. 

Servings: 6-8 

Cooking and Preparation Time: 45 minutes 


1 loaf gluten-free bread 

¼ cup vegan butter or olive oil 

2-3 tablespoons pumpkin seeds 

2 tablespoons sunflower seeds 

4 cups mushrooms of choice (choose one variety or a combination. Shiitake and oyster work great.) 

1 cup thinly sliced celery 

1 diced onion (or 1-2 shallots) 

2-3 sliced garlic cloves 

1 teaspoon thyme leaves 

¼ cup parsley 

A pinch of dried rosemary 

A pinch of nutmeg 

1-3 cups of vegetable or mushroom broth 

Salt and pepper to taste 


  1. Preheat the oven to 350-375°F. Slice the bread in cubes or shred them with your hands. 
  2. Grease the oven pan with a layer of vegan butter or olive oil. Spread the bread evenly throughout the pan and let toast for four to 10 minutes. 
  3. Sauté the mushrooms with vegan butter for up to 10 minutes, stirring until the moisture has evaporated and they’re a light brown. Add the onions, celery, garlic, and dried herbs. Sauté for three to five minutes. 
  4. Pour one to two cups of vegetable broth. Then, add the bread, parsley, nutmeg, salt, and pepper. Let sit until the broth is absorbed. Toss the mixture and add more broth until all the bread is fully moist. 
  5. Pour the stuffing onto a baking pan. Sprinkle the seeds. Let bake for 20-30 minutes until the top is golden brown. 

Josephine Mwanvua | Contributing Writer

Spring 2024

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