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Dreamy Gazebo Ideas to Include in Your Yard

Once you build a gazebo, you may have no idea how to make it look like you put it there on purpose. Giving your new gazebo a reason for being might have you wracking your brain, but we’re here to provide a list of starting points.

Lawn Chairs

First thing’s first, no point having a gazebo if you can’t sit down in its shade and find some relief from the scorching sun. A gazebo is a point of rest, so put some chairs underneath it! The best kind of chairs are obviously ones designed for outdoor use, like lawn chairs. The style and size come down to personal preference, but ideally they should be comfy and match your gazebo.

Throw Blankets and Pillows

For chilly nights, you’ll love having blankets nearby to wrap around your body…or to build a fort. Pillows make life better in general. You can’t go wrong tossing a bunch of decorative pillows and throw pillows on the lawn furniture under your gazebo and calling it a day. You can even switch out the furniture for a plush outdoor rug then cover it top to bottom with pillows, cushions, and throw blankets for a sleepover vibe.


While we’re talking about rugs, a thoughtfully chosen outdoor rug can bring some style to your gazebo setup and it’ll keep your bare feet off any hard, possibly chilly floor if you’re eager to take your shoes off.

Grilling Zone

Underneath a gazebo isn’t a half-bad place to set up an outdoor kitchen, more specifically an outdoor barbeque zone. Gazebos are great places to entertain guests and host barbeques—and it doesn’t matter if its raining; you’ll still be able to grill up a storm under the shelter of a gazebo. As an alternative or bonus, add a stone bake pizza oven.


Want to have a campfire without the camping? You can always put a firepit in your backyard, and it might as well be under a gazebo. There isn’t any harm in a gazebo firepit if you do it right. Your fire will also be shielded from sudden rain. That means more comforting warmth and roasted marshmallows for longer. 

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Suspending some curtains around the pillars of a gazebo gives the structure a romantic feel and contributes to a sense of privacy. The colour and weight are up to you, but to increase the romantic factor, go for something white and sheer that’ll flow in the breeze. For a stronger sense of privacy, choose thicker curtains.

Hanging Artwork

The pillars holding up the gazebo’s roof are an acceptable place to hang up some artwork. The art you include is really your choice, but some stylized inspirational quotes or anything depicting nature would be safe bets. 


According to feng shui practitioners, windchimes can shift the energy of a space, driving away evil and ushering in positivity. It’s the noise that clears out the bad energy. Whatever you’re willing to believe, you can’t deny the twinkling of windchimes is peaceful and windchimes make charming decorations.

Fairy Lights

Strings of tiny lights will make your gazebo look magical—and the great part about fairy lights is they’re flexible. You can wrap them around the posts, string them under the frame of the roof, line the ceiling, or dangle them across the exits like curtains. They’ll capture your imagination anywhere.

Outdoor string light ideas: 10 ways to create a sparkling garden display |  Gardeningetc


Any lantern that suits your tastes will do. Search around until you find the lanterns you want to see in your backyard. Stained-glass designs would suit the artsy person with a love for the whimsical, but may come with a bigger price tag. Paper lanterns can be just as captivating without costing a lot.  

Edison Bulbs

Edison bulbs are prized for looking like something scored at an antiques store. They’re a beautiful way to bring some light your gazebo, for those nights when the air is fresh and staying outside is all you want to do.

Edison Bulb String Lights Images – Browse 505 Stock Photos, Vectors, and  Video | Adobe Stock


You can add little side tables to your gazebo setup or include a coffee table. Figurines would be excellent centrepieces, adding some verve to the space and showing off your personality. If you don’t want tables or centrepieces, you can opt for statues on the floor instead.

Cascading Flowers

Strings of flowers—real or not, but faux flowers would probably be more practical in this case—suspended from the entrances like curtains would certainly add a dream-like quality to any space, with a gazebo being no exception. Tumbling vines of flowering plants in hanging pots would have a similar effect.

Garden Oasis

Lastly, you can surround your gazebo in a selected variety of plants and flowers until it becomes the focal point inside a dreamy, heavenly garden. You’ll surely feel at peace in the shade of a gazebo that’s nearly overgrown with nature’s finest.

30+ Victorian Style Gazebo Flower Bed Park Stock Photos, Pictures &  Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Jacob Carmichael | Staff Writer

Spring 2024

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