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5 hauntingly good Halloween party activities

Halloween is finally here, and there are so many whimsical, silly, and spooky ways to celebrate. Throw an unforgettable monster mash with these 5 activities that will help you summon even more festive flair for kids and adults alike.

  1. Pin the Spider on the Web

Step into the time warp with this dizzying and interactive game. Simply get blindfolded and try to  place the spider closest to the center of the web. 

  1. Pumpkin Pong

Put a spell on the classic party game by placing pumpkin candy buckets on the ground in a triangle. Players take turns trying to toss a ping-pong ball into the buckets, removing one each time they score. The player with the most buckets at the end wins. 

  1. Serve a Fang-tastic Dessert 

A green cake with a face on it

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Unveil the Zombie Unicorn Cake, custom made to order at Baskin-Robbins, available until October 31. The popular, flavourful cake can be served up to all ghoulish household tricksters—making your celebration a real scream. Fill it with one of 16 favourite spooky flavours. 

  1. Have a Costume Contest

A group of children in clothing

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Encourage everyone to dress up by having prizes for various categories, from creepiest costume to funniest, or most creative. Just put an open box next to some pen and paper and let your guests cast the votes. Don’t forget fun contest prizes!

  1. Gross Guessing Game

Let’s face it: things are much scarier when you can’t see them. Create a touch-sensory game by placing different types of foods in different containers, labelling them with Halloween-centric names. For example, ogre guts can be spaghettis, grapes can be witches’ eyes, and graded cheese can be mummy wraps. Have everyone blindly try to guess what is in each container. 

No matter how you choose to get spooky this Halloween, ensure to bring in all the colours, flavours, and creativity your family can safely and joyfully handle– with sweet treats and costumes worthy of this spookiest holiday of the year.

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