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How Can You Let Go of Fear and Cultivate Peace?

In the world we live in, peace is elusive. We are plagued by wars, crime, harassment, and quarrels. We may yearn for inner peace and search for it in many places. However, we do not need to look far; inner peace can be found within ourselves if we look for it.

When things get out of hand, and you want to control yourself, you can employ a few strategies to retain your peace and let go of fear. Granted, that can be easier said than done. If you are struggling to find the right answer, here are a few tips to help you overcome your obstacles and move past the fear.

Face your Fears Head-on

Sometimes, finding inner peace requires bravery. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will suppress and avoid every anxiety and disappointment. Instead of running away from your insecurities, face them courageously. That in itself can be a tremendous source of relief. Before you know it, a positive thought can creep into your mind and change your outlook. 

Practice Forgiveness

Unforgiveness is a sign of self-abuse; unresolved conflicts often lead to resentment and can be a significant source of anxiety and depression. When you choose to forgive and let go of anger, that leads to feelings of understanding, empathy, and compassion, not necessarily for the one who hurt you but also for yourself. 


Meditation in whatever shape or form leads to inner calm. The act of quieting down our thoughts is challenging, but when we learn to change our thoughts, we achieve a greater connection with our mind and body. 

You can experience inner peace wherever you are. For example, you can picture the ocean, sand dunes, your bedroom, or favourite pet when you are stressed out. Don’t underestimate the power of these vivid memories in restoring your mind and body to help you relax and feel less stressed. 

Breathe In and Out

Fear can be daunting; practicing mindful breathing can lead to a greater sense of security. If you feel stressed out and want to lash out, close your mouth, inhale through your nose, and count to four. This will lead to a greater sense of calm.

Serve Others

There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. The act of helping others in-person or through philanthropic deeds can make you feel better about yourself. In a me-first world, happiness is often overrated. Nevertheless, when we give others, we activate areas of the brain associated with pleasure, connection, and trust. This leads to a greater sense of fulfillment that could build and maintain inner peace.

Listen to Music

Listening to music can have a calming effect. Don’t underestimate the power of your favourite song or album. It can reduce the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that the body releases when it is under stress. When we enjoy a song, it causes the body to produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter that influences the reward center in the brain which makes us feel happy. 

Cultivate Gratitude

If you find yourself struggling to count your blessings in the heat of a chaotic or frustrating moment, try naming something you are glad didn’t happen. Life can be full of disappointments, and there are so many things that could go wrong. Nevertheless, when we look back on what we currently have or what could go wrong and what didn’t, we are more prone to experience inner peace and a greater sense of fulfillment. When you smile in the face of adversity, it sends positive signals to the brain that things are good, and you are happy.

Pursuing inner peace isn’t always easy; sometimes, we simply need to accept that things are out of control. Resisting our circumstances creates more suffering, which is the opposite of inner peace. That’s why practicing peace is an ongoing effort. You might not nail it the first time, second time, or the umpteenth time, but eventually, you will learn to accept it!

Aaron Levinson | Staff Writer

Summer 2024

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