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How to Adjust Your Mindset to Achieve Positive Change

Every season is perfect for a new beginning. In particular, spring and summer are times of rebirth, as seeds start to sprout and flowers begin to bloom. New seasons offer us an opportunity to pause, reflect and recharge our energy levels to start something new and fresh. It can be a time for personal transformation if you truly want to make some dramatic changes. 

Examine your day-to-day habits and routines to decide what is working for you and what isn’t.  With this new awareness and understanding, you can easily change your mindset to create a brand-new refreshed version of yourself. See some inspiring tips below on how to refresh your mindset for a new and improved life!

Take Time for You 

Life can be nothing but an ongoing rush of events where you can find yourself losing focus and missing out on things that are truly important. New seasons are a great time for self-assessment when you can focus on yourself without distractions. This is hard to do with constant social demands, heavy workloads and electronics bombarding us on a daily basis. If you take time for yourself in an environment where you can be comfortable, relaxed and inspired, it will give you an excellent opportunity to develop a deeper state of self-awareness.   

Meditate and Journal Daily

Doing this everyday will help you connect with your inner self, recharging you to a higher mindful state. Writing a journal to re-examine what you want in life will give you a better idea of what’s working or what could be improved. It will help you stay focused on your goals.

While you are examining and taking stock of your life, also consider any roadblocks that might be preventing you from accomplishing your life’s goals, such as your fears, doubts, lack of confidence, feeling overwhelmed, rejection or not being motivated.

Clear Space and Declutter

Any new season is a perfect time to declutter and clear the space around us. This not only means removing things from our home and office but clearing our minds as well. How effective do you think you will be if you have piles of work on your desk with no organized system to follow? By decluttering, you can clear out bad habits and beliefs in order to re-evaluate your life. This allows you to make room for new ideas. 

A New Renewed Season to Recharge

Many of us can feel physically exhausted when we are not overly active. Here are some tips that will help recharge the body:

Sleep: The average person sleeps five to six hours a night, which will leave you sleep deprived. Try going to bed an hour earlier or waking up later to achieve the seven to eight hours of the recommended sleep cycle. A well-rested person can sustain higher levels of energy during the day and be far more productive.

Nutrition: With these new changes, you can also choose to switch your diet. Limit processed foods, sugar and alcohol and increase consumption of veggies, fruits, healthy fats, whole grains and proteins. Eat mindfully and plan your weekly menus. A new healthy habit can be formed.

Activity: There is beauty everywhere in nature. Summer is the perfect time to head outside and savour the fresh air, greenery, open space and wildlife. Active exercise is the best way to clear your mind, reduce anxiety and increase your energy levels. Even 30 minutes of physical activity can make you feel more energized and improve your mood.   

Abandon the slow sedentary routines and habits you may have harboured in the past season. Get up and get moving! Plan to create a stimulating morning routine for yourself even if it is short and simple. Let the new season fill you with inspirational energy and new life!

Lori Gradley | Contributing Writer

Spring 2024

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