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Beautiful Affordable Artwork for Your Home

Looking to purchase artwork without having to invest your entire life savings? We get it. Thankfully, there are a few sites that offer stunning options that won’t break the bank. We’ve compiled a collection of beautiful and affordable artwork that will transform your home into a gallery paradise. Whether you’re a fan of timeless pieces, enjoy a touch of humour in your art, or crave unique and unconventional designs, we have you covered. Online sites such as ArtStar, Etsy, and Urban Outfitters offer a range of paintings that appeal to all personality types without draining your savings. The best part, your friends won’t even be able to tell that these pieces are all within budget. Don’t worry, we won’t tell them!

Timeless Artwork:

Everybody needs one or two pieces of nature because as the title suggests, nature never goes out of style. 

3-Piece Print Plant Set — Etsy ($17.22)

This 3-piece print plant set is perfect for those who can appreciate the beauty of a plant without wanting the responsibilities of watering and caring for one. Each leaf design is slightly different, which opens up the opportunity to scatter these paintings in different areas of your home. They don’t have to be side by side, even though they look great this way too. 

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Garden Bouquet Oil Painting – Etsy ($197)

This floral arrangement can beautify any wall. The vibrant colours pop against any neutral background. 

A dog lying on the floor next to a painting of flowers

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Humorous Artwork:

The artwork that uses comedy as a way to show quirks, character, and ultimately personality is always exciting. Back when I was in University, in our living room, I had put up a painting of Albert Einstein riding a bike and the number of conversations and laughs it sparked was phenomenal.  If you can find a piece of art that reflects your sense of humour, or merely makes you smile, you should buy it. Let your home be that combination of sophisticated yet silly.

B is for Baker – ArtStar ($189)

A dog wearing a chef hat and holding a cake

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This hilarious dog Baker portrait is sure to stop visitors in their tracks. It’s so silly, you can’t help but giggle, yet somehow, it’s captured so convincingly that I’d almost trust him to bake a cake for me.

Imagine the instant smile that would be brought to your face each time you enter the room with this delightful portrait. Never underestimate the power of incorporating a touch of humour into your home décor.  

Art itself is a deeply subjective expression of creativity. As adults, we tend to lose our child-like wonder and imagination, but it’s these types of pieces that have the capacity to bring it back. For those that are intrigued by the concept “thinking outside the box,” these paintings challenge the norms of conventional artwork by introducing new themes and layers and are sure to get you thinking. 

Light Up 1 – ArtStar ($268) 

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The world of art pushes boundaries and dares to be different all the time. So why not make a bold statement and hang up a modern mixed media masterpiece in your home? 

Honeymoon Hotel Atlantis Art Print — Urban Outfitters ($89)

Finally, this affordable crystal art print looks like a million bucks, yet it’s priced as one of the cheaper pieces of artwork. The hues of orange and purple are vibrant, classy, and fascinating!

A close up of a stone

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Jackie Marson | Contributing Writer

Spring 2024

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