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Reading is one of life’s many pleasures. There are various reasons why people read, but top of the list is undoubtedly acquiring information in various capacities and for different purposes.

Whether you like reading fiction or non-fiction books, books in general have the power to transform your mind to a degree larger than where it was prior to your picking up a book. Nowadays, reading a book can be done through the non-traditional print route––as many readers choose digital form as their favourite mode of reading. This is largely due to one factor of easy access, as well as being able to read on the go. By the click of a button on a mobile device, books can be readily available either through download, or via the many digital bookstores available online. 

However, there remain many readers who still swear by the traditional way of reading. Some opine that the sweet woody smell of a new book straight out of a bookshelf adds an extra flavour to the content within the covers, culminating to a better reading experience! Jokes or not, and no matter the reading preference, one thing that cannot be overemphasized is that books are as transformational as they are informational. 

Audio books are another firm favourite of readers nowadays, this is common among active people. Whether you are driving, taking a walk around the neighbourhood, at the gym working out, cooking in the kitchen; you can listen to a book while you continue with whatever task you’re busy with. Is there any valid excuse not to read a book these days? 

To understand the power of books, you must understand some of the reasons people read.

To acquire information

Like already established, top on the list of many readers is to be informed about something they previously weren’t aware of. Academic books are full of information that can fill the reader with life changing information and knowledge.

To learn something new 

Readers also want to learn something new. Learning about a new way to do something that’s been done in a particular way for years, or learning something new about a geographical location, cultures, and lifestyles. Also, many “how to” books teach innovative ideas through the provision of instructions on practical ways to go about creating new products. While self-help books serve as a guide to teach readers how to grow and better themselves as humans in all spheres of their lives, including financially, mentally, or otherwise. 

For fun, pleasure, and relaxation

Many readers use books for therapeutic purposes. The contents of a book can lift an already dampened mood. Books with comedic contents for instance have the power to make their readers burst out in laughter no matter where they are. Others such as romance novels are prone to put a smile on some readers faces as they allow their imaginations run wild. Also, when stressed out, relaxing with a good book is a good form of destressing and even sleep inducer after a long hectic day, due to its relaxing contents.

The power of books can be linked to its benefits:

Enlightens: books enlighten readers with the right application of knowledge gained for different areas of their lives.

Expands the mind: books provide information that will increase readers’ brain capacity to assimilate and make informed decisions.

Improves and expands vocabulary: many readers are confident public speakers due to the number of words they let flow into their brains during any given reading session. Speaking in a way that commands attention from listeners is a result and benefit of reading.

Empowers: due to its authoritative nature, books have the power to equip readers with the right tools to stay relevant in their chosen field of expertise and circle.

The great thing about books is that readers do not need any form of certification or qualification to enjoy reading, as long as one is literate, the only qualifications needed to enjoy reading books are passion and a hunger to know more. 

Books written in rich and evocative language are a firm favourite of fiction book readers. These readers regardless of the genre of fiction love to enjoy a good narration. Through sworn-by literary techniques and devices, vivid imagery using all the senses are employed to write compelling stories using characters developed to human perfection. Well crafted fiction books ensure the imagination of the reader is activated beyond the words they are reading, as sentences become weapons of transformation rather than mere words strewn together. What’s more, these books can make readers resonate with the characters as though they were a part of the story being read. Such is the power of books.

Chinenye Emezie | Assistant Editor

Spring 2024

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