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Spring Energy Boosters: How to Get The Most Out of The Season

Spring is a time for renewal, and many people consider it a second chance to get their health and wellness goals back on track for the year. 

But the success, and often failure, of these plans rely on one thing: energy. 

We’re busy: physically, mentally, and emotionally; devoting time to fitness isn’t always possible. When our energy levels are low, that’s when we risk falling into old, unhealthy habits like ordering take-out instead of cooking at home, sitting on the couch instead of hitting the gym, and staying up late instead of getting much-needed rest. 

As we move into 2024, here are five ways you can boost your energy and make the most of the spring season. 

5 Spring Energy Boosters 

Use these spring energy boosters to feel stronger, healthier, and more motivated in 2024.

#1: Sleep

Sleep is critical for every aspect of your health and wellness. No matter what your goals are for 2024, sleep is a cornerstone in achieving them in a safe, sustainable way. 7 to 9 hours: that’s how long the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines recommends most adults receive each night.

And that’s good sleep, too. Not 6 hours of tossing and 3 hours of turning. 

Anxiety and stress are two things that can disrupt restful sleep patterns; and with anxiety and stress may come habits which keep us awake longer, like eating before bedtime, scrolling social media, or watching TV. 

To get the best sleep possible, consider committing to a bedtime routine that helps your mind and body relax. You may also consider taking supplements that promote relaxation and using a sound machine while you sleep.

#2: Exercise

To some, exercising sounds like a way to decrease energy, but anyone who’s committed to a long-term workout plan knows that exercise is a great way to increase your daily energy levels. 

Movement itself can boost your energy. Some studies suggest that the simple act of adding action throughout your day — whether that’s taking the stairs instead of elevators or walking short distances — has multiple health benefits, including increased energy. 

If you transition from small, healthy-habits to adopting a weekly workout routine, you may notice a significant boost in energy after a few months. The first few weeks may leave you feeling tired as your muscles get used to exerting more energy, but in time, you’ll find that regular exercise helps energize your day. 

#3: Diet

No amount of sleep or exercise will help energize you if you aren’t giving your body the nutrients it needs. Your diet is your body’s fuel source, and what you put in is what you get out. Foods high in saturated fats and sugars don’t help your body sustain energy. Even if you’re eating a well-portioned plate, the time of day you’re eating it may also play a role in how your body turns food into energy. 

As you move into 2024, integrate foods into your diet that provide your body with sustainable energy throughout the day. Instead of skipping meals to cut down on calories, limit your caloric intake with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats from sources like nuts and fish. 

#4: Meditate

Like food for your body, what you put into your mind is what you get out. Negative thoughts, whether they be from stress, anxiety, or discontent, can deplete you of your mental and emotional energy. 

Sometimes, the best way to get the boost your headspace needs is to tune out the noise and focus on mindfulness. Mindfulness is one of many meditation techniques that can help relax your mind and body. Breathing methods and positive affirmations can have significant impacts like lowering your heart rate, quieting your intrusive thoughts, and relaxing your muscles. 

Formal yoga or meditation sessions are an option, but if you don’t have the availability or accessibility for in-person guided classes, there are dozens of self-led and guided mindfulness programs you can use on your phone. 

#5: Clean

As strange as it may seem, cleanliness can make or break our mental health. Research suggests that both the act of cleaning and the presence of cleanliness in your home can positively impact your mental health. While a deep clean every week won’t leave you energized, you’ll be surprised just how much of an energy boost you can get from simply tidying up once or twice a week.

Spring is a time for renewal, so renew your health-conscious habits and get a natural boost of energy this season by eating right, exercising, getting good sleep, practicing mindfulness, and keeping your home as clean as your mind and body.

Nick Dauk | Contributing Writer

Spring 2024

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