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The Best Decorative Candles for your Living Spaces

Oftentimes when we talk about décor, we’re concentrating on the big picture like furniture and interior design styles. But one thing that adds flavour to any space is an accessory that can also combine as an aesthetic component in the living space. Candles and their accompanying holders can make any space standout by taking it from bland to grand in an instant. And that’s where decorative candles come in. We are used to the scents of candles, but our focus today isn’t on the scents but their appearance. And we aren’t talking holders either. Here’s our list of different types and shapes of decorative candles for all your living spaces.

Carved Candles

These are often handmade candles, they’re made for long burning, and can burn for over 24 hours. Also, they’re usually unscented, and obviously serve as a luxury décor accessory for the home. They can also be used as a gift item for any occasion. No home space is left out in this décor candles as they can work in any space be it bedroom, living room and dining room space. Or even your home office, as they’re sure to be a conversation starter for that business meeting. For proper usage, it’s advised to use only on a tray, and to cut 1⁄4 of the wick before lighting. Remember to never blow out any of your candles, but rather use a snuffer or lid to put out the flame. Art Blaze has some beautiful pieces of carved candles you can check out.

Fornasetti Bacio Otto

The Fornasetti’s Bacio Otto candle is made with non-artificial ingredients like vegetable wax. The candles are packaged in a vessel designed with the face of Lina Cavalieri. The scent of the Fornasetti Bacio was formulated by the celebrated Oliver Podge, a renowned perfumer. Due to its eye-catching aesthetics combined with its scent; this candle is on the list of the decorative candle pieces for many stylish home owners and décor enthusiasts. Its glazed ceramic container ensures its durability.

L’Objet Bibliotheque

For a little over $200, the L’Objet Bibliotheque candle is a perfect contender for the most decorative candle pieces. It’s vessel is made of porcelain with 24K gold detailing, resembling a travel souvenir from a faraway enchanted land. Content  wise, the candle is made with paraffin wax in pink champagne colour. Both Fornasetti Bacio Otto and L’Objet Bibliotheque candles are from the stable of the renowned candle maker KANDL. You can visit their website for some more of their creative pieces.

Mystic Glo 

This candle is custom designed and hand-poured. It measures a gigantic 18 inches in diameter, plus it’s touted to have approx. 30 hours burn time. The Mystic Glo candle comes with seven wicks and can be customized to style. Place it in a defined space in your home and it’ll surely give off the feeling you’re hoping it will, in addition to keeping your guests green with envy!

Baobab Pearls Candle

The baobab pearls candle retails for $580! A pricey and elegant decorative piece. Measuring about 6.2 inches in diameter, it’s less than half the size of the mystic glo, but nonetheless a worthy contender of our decorative list. On the height side, it’s about 14 inches. Its burn time is touted to be over 800 hours,  which translates to over a month burning at a time! Place it on a console or buffet, and watch your space transform before your eyes. 

The Candle by The Hour 

The Candle by The Hour, otherwise known as the Beehive Candle, is a unique designed candle made for beautifying the spaces it graces. This one-of-a-kind candle self-extinguishes when the flame reaches the clip. It has a burn time of 80 hours and is made out of 100 per cent beeswax. It comes in a round shaped metal copper tone stand, and has an exquisite wick holder. It comes in a bright yellow colour. It has a light honey scent and can be used for aromatherapy sessions.

Millwood Pines Unscented Flameless Candle

The prime feature of this unscented flameless candle is its pine shape. Another unique identifier is that it’s flameless. This battery powered candle is made to operate for the longest of hours, but its beauty is what stands it out. Shaped like a real pine cone, with the size being the only distinguishing factor, this is without a doubt an aesthetically pleasing décor piece. It can be placed in any space in the home including the washrooms and kitchen, for that extra ambience when the lights are turned off. 

Gladys Christian | Staff Writer

Spring 2024

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