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Creative Backyard Decorating Ideas for a Dreamy Space

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, it should be put to good use, right? But without design inspiration, a backyard might only forever remain several square feet of grass. We’re here to help at Debu. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity and have you designing the backyard of your dreams.

Seating Is a Must

Adding some seating will instantly transform your backyard into a dreamy space. You could stop there, but we recommend you don’t. You can put a table between your seating, add some side tables, include some centrepieces if you opt for a table, and add any number of décor pieces and flourishes to accompany your seats. In any case, putting out some seats means your backyard is no longer a stretch of grass behind your house, it’s now also a point of rest—and resting is dreamy by default.

Add DIY Accessories

You don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot, nor do you have to follow the crowd and choose mass-produced décor when looking for ways to pump life into your backyard (though we wouldn’t judge if you thought something mass-produced was cute and wanted to buy it). Aside from trying your luck at thrift stores, you can also accessorize your backyard with DIY projects. From DIY birdhouses to homemade vases and throw pillow covers, your options are endless!

Artsy Touches

Alongside DIY accessories, you can liven up your backyard with anything artsy, depending on what speaks to your heart. Statues, figurines, framed paintings suspended from your fence, windchimes, suncatchers, or anything else that strikes your fancy—these are all painless ways to elevate your backyard. You might not have to spend a lot either. Plenty of ornaments end up in thrift stores or populate the shelves of dollar stores.

Light Fixtures in Bulk

You’re going to need at least one source of light for your backyard. Sometimes you’re entertaining guests and the party runs late, or sometimes you just need to be able to see what’s happening on your back patio at night. However, when it comes to lights, the more the merrier. The right light fixtures serve two purposes: they illuminate the darkness, and they make for incredible decorations. Lanterns are especially magical-looking.

Pops of Colour

Nothing against neutral colours or natural colours. They’re timeless. But they’re also plain, so we wouldn’t blame you if you fantasized about incorporating more eye-catching shades and hues into your backyard. You can absolutely choose brighter colours, though you might not want to give up the timeless whites, greys, and browns either. If you think neutrals and naturals are charming yet also feel attracted to a particular vibrant colour, you can include that colour as an accent. Buy pillows, throws, chairs, side tables, or décor in your chosen intense colour while leaving everything else plain—your beloved accent colour will stand out even more. 

Layer Fabrics

Speaking of pops of colour, you could try mixing and matching the fabric pieces you add to your backyard setup. The eclectic look has a certain charm to it—and by bringing this freewheeling approach to design into your backyard, you’re ramping up the cozy-comfy dreamy factor. Try putting smaller colourful throw blankets on top of larger plainer ones, or do the same with table runners and tablecloths, or rugs. Fill your outdoor sofas with dozens of pillows, paying little mind if the pillows suit each other. Randomness is what you’re going for.

Plants, of Course

Let’s be real here, you can’t exclude plants when trying to spruce up your backyard. Plants are a must-have backyard feature. You can, however, be creative with how you arrange your greenery. If you’re setting up a vegetable garden, raise the garden beds. Not only does this add a touch of character to your backyard, it also helps to prevent critters from eating your bounty. For ornamental plants or smaller edible plants like herbs, try a living wall of suspended, painted terracotta pots or pocket planters. 

Add Structure

Adding a pergola, a gazebo, any variety of partition, and/or even a patio umbrella is the ultimate way to transform your backyard into a dreamy retreat. These structures offer a sense of privacy and comforting security while adding definition to the empty spaces of your backyard. On top of that, structures provide shade for both you and any guests you’re entertaining during a party. 

Jacob Carmichael | Staff Writer

Spring 2024

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