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Stylish Bedroom Curtain Ideas for a Sound Sleeping Space

Maybe you’ve been surveying your bedroom and you can’t help but think it’s missing something—and the fact something is missing has been keeping you up at night. You might be surprised to realize curtains and the amount of light they’re permitting into your space are capable of making a huge difference in your quality of sleep and comfort level. A change in curtains or the addition of curtains might be all you need to guarantee a peaceful night’s rest. Check out our list of curtain recommendations. And don’t forget your curtain rods! These are sold separately.

Reid Blackout Window Curtain – CAD$200 at Crate and Barrel 

For the ones who demand the highest level of quality. Crate and Barrel’s Reid curtains can add a pop of beauty to any room without overwhelming the space. They come in three calming shades—warm beige, blue, and pebble grey—and owe their dynamic, textural look to tiny black zigzags woven into the fabric. These “slubs” add weight and structure to the fabric, and give the curtains the appearance of careful craftsmanship. May be purchased with blackout lining or cotton lining, depending on how much light you want pouring into your bedroom. Sold as individual panels and available in four lengths between 84” and 120”, at a width of 52”.

Recommended Curtain Rod: You may want to hold your Reid curtains up with a brushed nickel, matte black, or brass wrap-around curtain rod. For a 52”-wide curtain, your safest bet is the size that telescopes between 52” to 88”. CAD$120 at Crate and Barrel.

DYTÅG Light Filtering Curtains – CAD$89 at Ikea

These curtains are a great choice for anyone who’s happy to light the light in—without compromising privacy, of course. Ikea’s DYTÅG curtains are sheer enough to keep your bedroom bright (or brighter if it’s night) at all times. The airy, flowy design of these curtains doesn’t suffocate the space, imparting a feeling of relaxation over any room they occupy. The fabric often catches hints of background colours merged with lighting and blends with the unique hues and shades, which means you’ll never be able to predict what your room or the curtains will look like from moment to moment. Purchase in dark beige, white, dark blue, dark grey, or grey-green. The curtain panels are sold in pairs and measure 57” X 98”.

Recommended Curtain Rod: DYTÅG curtains would do well on an adjustable RÄCKA curtain rod. This curtain rod can telescope between 47” and 82”. Available in black or white for CAD$17 at Ikea.

Alexzis Room Darkening Curtains – CAD$58 at Wayfair

Perfect for anyone who wants to keep out most of the sunlight, but doesn’t mind if a little daylight enters either. These curtains will keep your bedroom relatively dark in the morning, for those days when you don’t want the sunlight beating down on you as you’re trying to catch up on sleep—but when you do wake up, you’ll probably still be able to gauge how bright it is outside. Added bonus: these curtains are thermal, meaning they help keep the heat outside on those burning summer days and reduce the chilliness from biting winter days. Available in grey, aqua, and dark red. Comes in a set of two, and the dimensions of each panel are 37” W X 84” L.  

Recommended Curtain Rod: Pair with Defiance Resin Adjustable in gilded French white, pewter, cottage, burnt gold, or bronze/gold. A fun curtain rod characterized by an artichoke finial. Adjusts between 48” and 84”. CAD$114 at Wayfair

Abdualeem Blackout Curtains – CAD$52 at Wayfair

These curtains are best suited for someone with narrow horizontal windows or otherwise small windows, and we’re guessing there’s more than a few people with less-than-large windows who don’t need floor-to-ceiling curtains. Go for these curtains if you want to stop all light from disrupting your sleep and your window is around 45” or 54” long. Pick either option depending on the size of your window. Bear in mind, you’ll be getting one curtain panel in the package, so if your window is wider than 56” then you’ll want to consider ordering a second panel. Available in a large variety of colours including sage, forest green, chocolate, burgundy, ivory, and taupe.

Recommended Curtain Rod: Consider adding a bit of flair to your windows with the Brickton adjustable curtain rod. The antique finish and ornate finials will bring some classy style to your bedroom. Choose from multiple sizes, but for a 56” panel, the best size is 48” – 84”. Available in black, bronze, and satin nickel. CAD$123 at Wayfair

Honourable Mentions

There’re some curtains and curtain rods we liked, but they couldn’t make the final cut. Instead, they’re going into an honourable mentions list. Check everything out and see if there’s anything you like!

  • Forest Hill Forest Pattern Room Darkening Curtains, CAD$39 per pair at Home Depot
  • Antique Bronze Adjustable Curtain Rod, CAD$32 at Home Depot
  • Floral Cottage Floral Pattern Light Filtering Curtain, CAD$28 at Home Depot
  • Adjustable Satin Nickel Curtain Rod with Blossom Finial, CAD$56 at Home Depot
  • Pegaze Blackout Curtain, CAD$33 to $43 at Bouclair
  • Brushed Nickel Double Rod Set for Blackout Curtains, CAD$95 to $105 at Bouclair
  • Luiz Room Darkening Curtain, CAD$55 to $65 at Bouclair
  • Rectangular Wood Curtain Rod Set, CAD$40 to $50 at Bouclair
  • SÄCKMAL Multicolour Light Filtering Curtains, CAD$40 at Ikea

Jacob Carmichael | Contributing Writer

Spring 2024

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