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Katy Perry x SkipTheDishes Pride Picnic – When the Queens Sang Away the Afternoon

Pop star diva Katy Perry’s love for food is no mystery to her fans. One surely can produce marketing magic by bringing her together with SkipTheDishes to celebrate Pride month. A boisterous afternoon on June 17, 2022, was held to commemorate the campaign, where the media attendants sat under canopies, munching an assortment of snacks by SkipTheDishes, sipping drinks from the bar, and enjoying a complimentary cookie from Craig’s Cookies in a limited edition flavour: cherry pie and chocolate. The next day, the event was open to the general public.

The host of the event was the drag queen Xtacy Love, whose initials XL captures the aura of the month, celebrating pride in all shapes, sizes, genders, and identities. The curvy queen is a true advocate for embracing curves, and her outfits were screaming loud for attention! 

XL started the event in a robe printed with blue lines interspersed with chains, ship wheel motifs, and lockets of gold. During her first performance, she did a dramatic reveal where she took off the robe and everyone could see the beautiful and sparkly bodysuit underneath. In black, the suit had a cluster of shiny rhinestones around an exaggerated V-shaped neckline that plunged all the way down to the midriff. She accessorized with a belt sporting a Grecian pattern, and a chain-shaped buckle in gold to draw onlookers’ attention. Her second #OOTD was another creation of hers in turquoise, fluorescent green, and coral with a sprinkling of rhinestones — because you just can’t separate a queen from her bling.  

Xtacy Love started hosting the event in a robe featuring a maximalist print in blue and gold. (Photo courtesy of Karolina Pran.)

Xtacy Love took off her robe in the middle of her first performance to reveal a sequined body suit, which sparkled with rhinestones. (Photo courtesy of Karolina Pran.)

Xtacy Love’s Second OOTD was also her own creation. (Photo courtesy of Karolina Pran.)

One of Australian queen Tash Riot’s performances was to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” in an edgy outfit of black and sage that boldly sported the letters of her second name: Riot. Her outfit was complemented by a predominantly white wig with a black plume and rock star-like makeup. Her moves were a representation of angst and misery that being in a bad relationship could bring. 

Tash Riot’s Evocative Performance to “Bad Romance.” (Photo courtesy of Karolina Pran.)

Miss Moco brought swagger, dancing to the ultra-popular Ariana Grande, Jessie J, and Nicki Minaj song “Bang Bang,” in a head-to-toe neon green ensemble, a sparkly bodysuit with a silver neckline resembling a locket, slightly contrasted with the snakeskin-patterned, knee-high boots. The only high point of contrast was the sequined elbow-length gloves in pink and purple. Her attention-grabbing handstand in the middle of her performance, while supporting her feet against the backdrop, drew loads of cheers from the crowd. 

Miss Moco’s Head-To-Toe Lime Green Outfit. (Photo courtesy of Karolina Pran.)

For her other performance, where she grooved to Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now”, Miss Moco was dressed like a cabaret dancer in a pink feathery dress, diamante-studded stockings, a purple and pink headdress, and fuchsia pink stilettos. She had the whole crowd singing along to the song, and the buildup that leads to “Baby, baby, baby…” near the middle of the song had the crowd chanting at its loudest.

Miss Moco’s Second OOTD – a cabaret-inspired pink dress with an over-the-top headdress and hot pink stilettos. (Photos courtesy of Karolina Pran.)

Devona Coe’s energetic performance to P!nk’s “Raise Your Glass,” in a pink and black ensemble with black smoky eye makeup and knee-length black boots, left the audience in a trance-like state, wanting more.

Devona Coe wore a pink and black outfit in her performance to P!nk’s “Raise Your Glass.” (Photos courtesy of Karolina Pran.)

Luna DuBois wore a risqué outfit, dressed in a black silk top with a large bowtie spanning her bosom and sheer stockings under which she wore matching silk briefs. She was the love of everybody’s life, swaying to Raye’s “Love of Your Life.”

Luna DuBois’s risqué outfit for her Raye’s “Love of Your Life” performance. (Photos courtesy of Karolina Pran.) 

After the performances were done, a fun contest was held to see which drag queen’s SkipTheDishes order was the biggest crowd-pleaser and would win her a $200 SkipTheDishes gift card. While the queens painted beautiful pictures with their words of fairly ordinary everyday eating rituals from their lives, DuBois’ description of consuming chicken wings — with beer on her queen-sized bed under a full-blasting air conditioner with just a sliver of sunlight from the window falling onto the bed from the slightly parted curtains — won over the audience’s heart.  

The queens posing at the end of the event. Left to Right: Luna DuBois, Devona Coe, Xtacy Love, Tash Riot, and Miss Moco. (Photos courtesy of Karolina Pran.)

Arslan Ahmed | Staff Writer

Spring 2024

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