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Cute DIY Crocheted Home Décor Projects

If the pandemic has taught us something, it is to get more creative. Getting stuck at home sparked our creativity. Some started painting: others knitted, crocheted, and wove through the boring days of lockdown. Sewing machines were taken out from closets, dusted off, and put to good use. So were needles, yarns, and quilts, all of which spurned a creative trend for all things vintage. While the crocheting craft itself might seem modest, the revenue it generated wasn’t. 

A rise in crafted merchandise on Etsy, an e-commerce company that sells handmade and vintage arts and craft supplies more than doubled during the pandemic increasing the company’s revenue to $1.7 billion in 2020.

Does your home need a creative touch? If so, consider a few creative crochet projects that can add an artistic touch to your home and make you relax, unwind and get your mind off stress. 

Transform Your Pillow Covers

Transform your old pillows and give them a new lease on life by crocheting colourful covers. With a variety of styles and patterns, you can create designs that will transform your living room and make a statement. The first step is to look for yarn, check out local crafts stores like Michaels or Walmart. Depending on where you live, you can even find yarn in thrift stores at discounted prices.

You can always play around with the styles you like and make them fit the size of your pillow. If you add a zip, you can easily swap or wash your covers when needed. If you would like a few tips, you can always check out these tutorials for advice. 

Spruce Up Your Walls

Crochet is famous for blankets, hats, scarves, and pillows, but did you know it can also be a beautiful addition to adorn your walls? You can customize a number of styles with various shapes, patterns, and textures to add interest to your walls. 

If you love the look of quilts but prefer crochet, you can create a hexagon wall hanging that starts with two colours and then joins up to form a star block with a pinwheel inside. Look up this video tutorial to show you how to design a crochet wall hanging.

Create Plant Hangers

If you love plants, you can bring nature indoors and style-up your plants with creative crocheted plant hangers. You can customize the design of your plant hangers to attractively showcase your plants and optimize space and free up tabletop or floor space. 

Plant hangers also allow for better sunlight exposure and create a clutter-free environment. Cotton yarn is the best option for crocheting plant hangers because it is sturdy. With a variety of online tutorials, you can create a plant hanger using basic stitches or double crochet, half double crochet, or single crochet stitch. 

Warm Up for Winter

Get ready for winter by warming up in a cozy handmade crochet blanket. With a plethora of variations, you can create several eye-catching designs, the most popular being the Granny square blanket pattern. You can play around with the colours to create a unique look. 

You can choose brightly coloured squares, accented patterns with contrasting colour design variations like flowers or diagonal patterns. You can also select yarn colours matching your existing decor or use a different colour scheme to create striking contrasts. 

Add Creativity

With so many creative crochet design options, you can get creative by crocheting throw covers, coasters, kitchen towels, baskets, tiny rugs, and even cat paw chair socks. After all, everyone wants a beautiful and well-decorated home, and crochet is a great way to add charm and coziness to your home. With a variety of online video tutorials, you can also have a fun weekend project that includes your kids.

Aaron Levinson | Staff Writer

Spring 2024

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