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Best Core Exercises to Sculpt and strengthen your Abs

Skipping Rope

Keep your knees up while you jump over the rope. This exercise increases your cardio strength, keeps your heart healthy, and strengthens your bones. It also has mental health benefits, acting as a stress reliever and mood stabilizer.

Jump Squats

Get down into a squat position. Keep your toes out and your hips pushed back. Make sure your back is nice and flat, then jump. Repeat the process of squatting and jumping for 45 seconds. The benefits of burpees include building muscles and strengthening your bones.


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, reach down to the ground with your hands, and move into a high plank position. Return to a standing position. Make sure your core is tight as it helps keep your body stable. Burpees are good for strengthening your body, burning calories, and improving your overall balance and posture.


Before you start, it is important you maintain a specific form. In a stomach-down position, make sure your shoulders align with your elbows while extending your hands. Your toes, lower arms, and knees should be the only parts of your body on the ground. Then, lift your knees off the ground and push your body up. Hold this position for 20 seconds, keeping your belly in. Planking can activate your muscles, enhance your posture, and even increase flexibility.

Mountain Climbing

Settle into a plank position, then move your legs as though you are running in place with your knees alternating towards your chest. Make sure your legs move forward and backwards while performing this exercise for 15 seconds. With planking, your heart functions well and stays healthy. You can also increase your mobility by planking.

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Winter 2023

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