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Top 9 Online Fitness Influencers

In 2020, the worldwide gym industry was worth $96.7 billion. Pressures from work, sedentary lifestyles, and increased concerns for physical health and wellbeing are some reasons for this boom. The rising fitness demands of global populations are met with the proliferation of fitness influencers who broadcast content related to health and physical wellness. To help you navigate the overcrowded world of fitness content creators, we present the top eight online fitness influencers worth a follow.

Samantha Cutler

Health and fitness coach Samantha is the founder of FitFatale and Mindfull–– a vibrant community of wholesomeness–– involving individuals who are determined to improve their health through conscious  lifestyle efforts, fitness routine, and healthy eating habits. Sitting with a pretty good number of followers on Instagram, Samantha through the FitFatale community has managed to positively impact lives of over 285,000 women across the globe, and the numbers keep growing. 

Kayla Itsines

Well-known for High Intensity with Kayla, the Australian trainer Kayla Itsines’s program is circuit-based, grouping four different types of exercises in each 28-minute session over a weekly period of 4-6 sessions. The focus is on increasing muscle strength and boosting heart performance through cardio and plyometric exercises.


Adriene’s YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene has 11 million subscribers and in 2015, it was listed as top-searched on Google in workout. Adriene also founded the app Find What Feels Good, offering programming across multiple devices for creative and lifestyle-based yoga content. 

Ulisses Jr.

American fitness model, trainer and businessman, Ulisses Jr. has amassed 8.7 million followers on Instagram. He has been awarded multiple trophies in global bodybuilding competitions. His content is focused on inspiring others to gain a body like his, while his methods are focused on performing a mix of complex gym and HIIT exercises to achieve the highest levels of muscle growth.

Sergi Constance

Valencian-born Sergi Constance has garnered a following of 5.3 million on Instagram and appeared as Zeus in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. His classic physique, composed of wide deltoid muscles, outspread lats, voluminous quadriceps, and cookie-cutter abs certainly allots him the appeal of a Greek god. If his looks weren’t enough substance to give him a follow, there is plenty of nutritional advice and artful poses in coveted spots like beaches, luxury condos and gym facilities to seek inspiration for one’s transformation.

Sommer Ray

A trainer for Fitplan famous for her prized butt— and the controversy surrounding her butt shots, Ray states she isn’t shy about showing off what she has worked hard to achieve — be it a body part. She has become a well-known name, and her massive social media numbers are proof of that. Her motivations, according to her, aren’t to inspire women to gain muscle mass but confidence in their own skin. 

Cassey Ho

YouTube channel Blogilates (6.33 million subscribers) founder Cassey Ho introduced POP Pilates®, a program focused on gaining strength and flexibility by performing Pilates to pop music, claiming to not leave even a single muscle sore in the body. 

Bret Contreras

Fitness coach and PhD holder in Sports Science, Bret Contreras— known as The Glute Guy—  is credited for founding the barbell hip thrust movement and is considered an uncontested expert in glutes training.   

Massiel (Massy) Indira Arias

Massy Arias’s workouts combine resistance training, calisthenics, yoga, HIIT, and sprinting to spice up the followers’ exercise routines with variety. Her focus is not just on achieving an aesthetic body but finding the right balance between the mental and physical to bestow health and longevity.

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