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Nomi Wellness Resort Readies for Pampering Seasons

Nomi Wellness Club and Resort is quickly becoming the “it” destination for enjoying pristine nature, culinary specialties, and high-end spa treatments. 

Built in 2016, Nomi is a modern hospitality getaway, just two and a half hours northeast of Toronto, and a perfect all-season vacation spot.

Guests come to pamper themselves through a variety of rejuvenating amenities: hot tub and sauna, full spa, steam rooms, and a modern lounge. Facials, botanical treatments, and hydrotherapy sessions will leave you refreshed, while the herbal massages get those kinks out, leaving you feeling brand new. 

The property’s 31 kilometres of serene trails have been left untouched. Take a stroll throughout the tranquil pathways and discover why Nomi’s trails are their signature attraction. For example, on the guided Yellow Trail, get introduced to local edible flowers and berries, and pick your own tea leaves. You can even steep your own tea to sip in the zen-like lounge. 

For the outdoors adventurer, enjoy the nature of the area with cycling, canoeing, kayaking, boating, hiking, snowshoeing, and much more. Take in the 1,800 feet of spectacular waterfront for sunbathing or fishing. Then, come back inside to fill that whetted appetite with a vast spectrum for your taste buds.

World-renowned Chef Hugo Saenz is at the helm of the in-house dining establishment: Lands 8FIFTY restaurant and lounge. Globally inspired gourmet cuisine underlines every menu, with Saenz’s special touch on dishes that bring out as much beauty as taste. Enjoy confit chicken lollipops, ribs in still-bubbling sauce, and salads that look like fine art. 

The main dinner menu is no less mouth-watering: aromatic Indian channa, pan-seared steelhead trout, and a full menu of other delectable dishes that delight the palate as much as showcases a palette of colours. 

In 2016, Elise Blouin stepped forward as the driving force behind this, Canada’s newest vacation spot, an 850-acre, four-season, home-away-from-home in the woodlands of South Algonquin. As chief operating officer, she’s leading the resort’s new $50 million development to add more rooms and lounges. 

Soon, anyone can own a piece of nature and purchase a private residence on Nomi property. Whether a resort-style condominium or a sleek, urban loft villa, all residents receive first-rate amenity access and exclusive experiences. 

“It’s a place that feels simultaneously like a new holiday and a familiar favourite,” says Blouin, who has for thirty-plus years led teams at household name brands, including Symantec, AT&T, Hudson’s Bay, Nortel, Bell Canada, and Magna, to name a few. 

The resort is open for annual membership, weekly or monthly options, or a day pass. Anyone can book a treatment at Spa Derma or a romantic dinner at Lands 8FIFTY and go outside to play the following day.  

Dave Gordon | Associate Editor

Spring 2024

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