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Five Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special – even at the last minute

Valentine’s Day is upon us and rapidly approaching. Valentine’s is about celebrating the love, trust and happiness you gain by being surrounded by loved ones. This year, we’ve put together our top five tips on how to woo your special someone – even at the last minute. 

1.Date Night In

Did you forget to make reservations? Don’t stress, celebrate the day of love with your significant other in the coziness of your own kitchen. Light some candles, set out the good dishes and have yourself an at home dinner for two. Rabba has curated a list of recipes for the occasion, read more here: A Culinary Love Affair: The Top Ten Meals to Make for Your Significant Other This Valentine’s Day – Rabba Fine Foods .

If you prefer to just set the mood and pick up a ready-made hot meal check out this quick and easy chicken special that includes a BBQ chicken, two sides and potato wedges for $23.99.

A chicken on a plate with potatoes and vegetables

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2. Flowers

Flowers are always a good idea and will make your Valentine smile. Stop by your local market to choose a colourful bouquet that will make their day. 

3. A Thoughtful Card 

Less is more – especially when you’ve poured your heart out in a sweet card. choose from a wide selection of specialty cards, one is sure to speak to you. 

4. Specialty Chocolates 

There is nothing like opening a box of fancy chocolates, perusing the different flavours and choosing the perfect one!

5. All their Favourite Things 

If you’re really stuck, make a basket of their favourite things. This could include candy, chocolate, healthy snacks, tasty drinks, fancy olive oil – and so much more. 

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