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The Best Interior Design Trends in 2023

How we think about our home is shifting dramatically. After spending almost three years confined domestically, future interior design trends will address emerging personal touches many haven’t considered. Home décor doesn’t have to be elaborate or ostentatious; when you design a space, you learn to live with it. 

A timeless look varies significantly from a dated one. Consider what’s trending this year in terms of colour schemes, lighting, fabrics, visual art, furniture, and shelves. Emerging trends this year include a variety of updates on furniture, textiles, art, and wall coverings.

Colour schemes

Earth tones are in style this year; their calming effect and association with nature are gaining increasing popularity, especially after the pandemic years. Shades of brown dominate the décor scheme; light browns, dark browns, and beiges are making a comeback because of their earth tones, which make you feel grounded and connected to nature’s beauty and restorative properties. This year a more environmentally conscious approach to interior design is in; there is a more nuanced approach to neutrals with an undertone that stands out. Interior designers recommend various finishes with tints ranging from lustrous taupe lacquer to textured lime wash in kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. Bright and sparkly colours like honey or Dijon, including hearty yellow, are among the go-to colours of 2023. 


Interior lighting scheme plays a pivotal role in setting the tone of any space; after all, ambience impacts how a room looks and feels. When done correctly, lighting can brighten up your interior rooms to their full potential. This year interior designers are highlighting sustainability, particularly in eco-friendly design choices. Modern design trends utilize eco-friendly light fixtures from sustainable materials like bamboo or recycled glass. The emphasis on using low-energy consumption LED bulbs and other eco-friendly interior design materials reduces the carbon footprint and makes your home environmentally friendly.

Chandeliers can remarkably affect your interior design prospects; because of their design, they make a bold statement. Chandeliers are still a staple; large-scale crystal chandeliers or uniquely designed modern lights impact interior decor. Smart light systems that give you complete control over the atmosphere and energy consumption are gaining momentum. Modern homes are almost all equipped with smart light features that allow you to adjust the settings to suit your mood and activity and even remotely schedule to turn the lights on or off.


From classic design colour trends to new colour combinations and textures, fabrics often bring comfort and elegance to a home. Emerging colour fabrics for living rooms and curtains can make your home look unique and elegant. More furniture fabrics made of sustainable materials are trending this year; this is in growing response to environmental awareness issues. Some of the most sustainable materials used include bamboo, cork, and wool. Fabrics made of sustainable materials like vinyl and wire mesh which tend to stand out from the crowd, and are created in response to the upcycling trend, are also emerging. 

Luxury interior designers are choosing flower-patterned fabrics, with green standing out as the colour of choice. If you want your curtains to make a statement, fringe patterns are also trending. When it comes to tapestry, flora, and fauna are reviving the scene, with some brands opting for literal interpretations of Flemish and English verdure tapestry. Designer brands like William Morris are reinterpreting historical fabrics with original hand driven jacquard looms. For modern minded design enthusiasts, abstract patterns are making a splash in showrooms, along with metallic thread work designs, adding luster to pillows and throws.

Visual art

Large scale artwork is one of the best ways to draw attention to your room. Granted, not everyone can afford classical paintings; nevertheless, design trends are all for bright and bold modern photography and art. Monochromatic paintings, which were popular in the 70s, are in trend. To brighten up your modern living room, consider colourful pieces by artists like Pascal Milcendeau and paintings by Arthur Hent, which can add a new dimension to your home.  


When it comes to furniture, sustainability, and comfort are of prime concern for designers. After spending a large portion of our lives confined at home, comfort has taken on a whole new meaning and role, especially when selecting the perfect seating to complement a room or living space. Many designers say clients are looking for comfortable sofas and chairs, something to sink into from day to evening, all while sporting a smart style. With comfort taking precedence, looking for comfortable chairs and seating shouldn’t be a hurdle. Curved pieces and furnishings are trending, mixing clean-lined pieces with curved silhouettes. 

The green trend is gaining momentum in all interior design aspects, particularly furniture; sustainable, eco-friendly materials that include natural wood are popular. Simple, refined designs that include bamboo, and have a minimal environmental impact with clean lines and muted colours are expected to become more popular. This is because more people are starting to look for ways to create a sense of calm and comfort in their homes. 


Shelves aren’t going anywhere; they have always been a trendy household staple and will continue to be. With sustainability being significant, organic materials, including natural woods, are more popular than ever. Custom-made shelves allow you to organize your kitchen smartly and efficiently in a way that cabinets don’t. Embracing floating wall shelves in your living room and dining room with classic designs allows you to upgrade to other transient colour décor elements.

David Messiha | Staff Writer

Spring 2024

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