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Debu’s Holiday Gift Guide

Image courtesy of Chandler Honey.

Foodie Friend: They love to eat or cook and experiment with new ingredients

Gift them a sampling of local treats through a curated selection of charcuterie accompaniments that can be mixed and matched with their favourite cheeses, meats, and crackers. Try a date spread (we suggest Healthy Genie’s tahini one), a creamed honey (we suggest Chandler Honey’s flavoured varieties), and a savory jam (we suggest Yawdi’s red pepper jelly). Add a bottle of something trendy but non-alcoholic (we suggest something from Acid League’s Proxies line) and you’ve got a delicious gift basket!

Image courtesy of Lululemon.

Crossfit Friend: They are always working out and checking their heart rate

Help them wind down with relaxing products that have added health benefits. To ease joint or muscle pain from their regular workouts, pick out essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties (we suggest Fern & Petal) or a foam roller for targeted massaging (we suggest looking at Canadian athletics brand Lululemon). Complement their health goals with supplements or vitamins (we suggest checking out Seed). If you don’t know what exactly their diet or exercise regimen is, you can upgrade their fitness tracker with a new smart watch band (we suggest Burga’s many fashionable and functional options).

Image courtesy of Burga.

Traveller Friend: They basically live in airports but always have the best social media feed

They’re living the jet-set life, but post-COVID (and pre-COVID, to be honest), the airport is a pretty miserable place. Since it’s likely they’ve already got the traveller basics (i.e., neck pillow and outlet adapter), give them the fancier version that they daren’t get themselves. A monogrammed passport cover (we suggest Burga’s options), silk sleep mask (we suggest Drowsy or Blissy), or vegan leather toiletries bag (we suggest checking out Lambert) will elevate their travel experience. Or get them essential hygiene products that are not liquids, gels, or aerosols, but come in the form of solid soaps (we suggest the pretty, beach glass-like soaps from Sealuxe or Wild Wood Creek).

Rose Ho | Assistant Editor

Spring 2024

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